Having water spots in your car can be quite an eyesore. This commonly happens when you let your car to air dry after washing it or having it parked under the rain. Minerals and dirt in the water remains after the water has evaporated. It becomes worse if the water contains something corrosive that could cause crater like patterns in your car.

No matter how you bust your arms off, these water spots can be really sometimes hard to remove especially if it has been there for a while. This article will give you the ideas and steps on how to remove water spots from your car.

Types of Water Spots

Before trying to get rid of those water spots that has been cramping the beauty of your car, it is essential to know what kind of water spots you are dealing with in order to have the best ways of removal  way possible.

There are at least three basic types of water spots. Types 1 one water spots are primarily mineral deposits from water or dirt that lays on the surface of the paint your car. Type 2 two water spots, however, are imprints below the surface so this can be quite hard to get off. Type 3 three water spots are stains in the paint that look like fading but this stays in the surface for a longer time.

Steps in Removing Water Spots

Knowing the types of water spots you are trying to remove can be quite helpful. Step one1 water spots can often be easily removed by using a spray detailer and wiping it with a clean microfiber towel to avoid making any scratches in the surface.

Vinegar Solution to Remove Water Spots

If the water spots in your car can’t be removed by the easy process of wiping and using spray detailer, then you are probably dealing with a higher type of water spots that lies deeper in the surface of your paint. But don’t worry, there are solutions but it would be easier to treat the issue as soon as possible.

Thoroughly wash your car and dry it completely. Create a vinegar solution by mixing one part of a regular vinegar to a part of distilled water. Avoid using tap water since this contains minerals that might be the cause of your waters sports in the first place. Apply the vinegar solution in the surface of your car using a spray bottle and let it set for at least 10 minutes.

Wash and dry your car again to remove the vinegar solution. It will remove the water spots but sometimes may leave rings to the surface. Apply a car polish in the surface using a cotton towel and repeat it until necessary.

how to remove water spots from car windows

Removing Hard Water Spots using Clay Bar

If at this point the water spots in your car are still not removed, then you need a more drastic measure and tool.

A Clay bar is simply a synthetic bar of clay that removes certain contaminants from the paint of your car. Before using the clay bar, spray some lubricant in the surface you are working on to create a smoother move when you run the clay bar in the surface.

Are Waters Spots Still Not Removed?

In At this stage, when the water spots in your car are still not removed by polishing and all those things above, it’s now time to use a water spot remover. It contains acids that counteracts the minerals that caused the water spots.

If you have a machine polisher, now is a great time to use in on your car to remove those eyesore water spots.

how to remove water stains from car windows and paint

Tips to Avoid Having Water Spots

One of the first and best thing you can do to avoid having water spots in your car is to keep it protected with a quality wax. There are good reasons a quality wax can give your car and one is that is to avoid hard spots damaging your car.

Instead of using water in washing your car, it is better to use waterless car wash instead. This will help you avoid having water spots from minerals in the water. However, if you use water in washing your car, it is best to not let it dry under the sun. Remove any trace of water from the surface of your car with a microfiber towel before it can dry to prevent water spots.

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Preventive measures in regards to the water spots in your car is always better than the cure. It is best to invest in measures that will avoid you from having these problems in the first place. However, the key on how to remove water spots from your car is treating the issue as soon as possible.

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