Top 5 Best Mig Welder For Home Use

best mig welder made in usa

There are many types of welding processes in the industry. They include arc welding, tungsten inert gas, and stick welding. The MIG welding is included in these processes. This kind of welding relies on the use of inert gas. The metal inert gas is also known as a gas metal arc.

This article will tackle best mig welder for home use. The top leading brands are also given as a preview of the specifications of these MIG devices. You will be able to read the features that are notable in each model. Check out the list of MIG welders that might be suitable to your needs.

Best Mig Welder for Home Use

1. Hobart Handler 500554001

The Hobart Handler 500554001 is a great MIG welder because it is meant for heavy-duty tasks. It is recommended for a variety of tasks that involve maintenance and home repairs.

One of the features that make this welder extra special is the SpoolRunner 100. SpoolRunner 100 contributes to the welder’s efficacy and efficiency in various tasks. This SpoolRunner feature is primarily used for aluminum. With this feature, aluminum can be welded with no problem.

Another remarkable feature is its flux core. This welder has the capacity to cut through stainless steel, aluminum, and other kinds of steel. There is also an inclusion of 7 voltage section settings. The power of Handler 500554001 comes from 100 up to 230 volts of current and it has enough power to cut through thick materials. The gas solenoid is built-in in this MIG welder. To make it really useful, a regulator with dual gauges is also included in the kit. The kit also includes a long power cord that can be extended up to 6 feet, a work cable with a clamp, a MIG welder gun, and a case for keeping everything organized.

In terms of the materials that it can handle, it can weld hard steel with a measure of 24 gauge up to 5/16 inches. This capacity is thicker than the other metals that can be handled by other models. The wire feed has an infinite speed control that makes it really efficient in working.

2. Lincoln Electric K2185-1

The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 is another welding machine that is considered as one of the best welders of all time. This is a very handy device so it can be termed as a portable MIG welder. There are many customers who have used this device, and they are all very satisfied. The main reason is its great deal of power.

The K2185 only weighs 40 pounds, making it easy to carry to different places. It has a compact design meant for roving welders. You will not have any problem in hand–carrying this welder because it is very lightweight. You wouldn’t believe the great deal of power it possesses even though it is a handy welder.

If you have household repair tasks as well as DIY jobs, then this is the perfect MIG welder for you. To make it serve you longer, this device is equipped with a fan cooler to prevent overheating. You should note that overheating is usually the reason why welders easily get damaged.

This runs with 115 volts of current and it uses a 20-ampere outlet. There are also four voltage setting controls that you can use in order to set it to the right measure. The speed can be adjusted using the wire feed. Isn’t it efficient? This feature allows you to weld varied thickness of materials like mild steel and aluminum.

The power is sufficient enough to cut through tough materials with precision and accuracy. As a wire feed welder, you surely have total control of this machine which you can use to your advantage. Aside from this, you will like the useful inclusions upon availing the K2188.

You get to have a long cord that runs up to 8 feet. There is also a gas nozzle for the gas solenoid. Of course, the kit contains the MIG welder gun with a work cable and a clamp. There is also a gas regulator because MIG uses inert gas in welding. The spool of the flux-cored wire is very useful in the actual operation.

3. Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E

Another innovation in the field of MIG welders is the Poweri-MIG 140E. This is considered as a good MIG welder because of the different features it has. It can also deliver efficient and very satisfactory results.

One feature that is notable with this MIG welder is its energy efficient quality. It only runs with a low voltage, so you don’t need to worry about sky rocketing bills because this will not cost you much even if you use it for an extended period of time.

This powerful inverter is lightweight and has a compact design meant for easy transportation purposes. It is one of the most lightweight MIG welders that you can ever find in the market because it only weighs 28 lbs. You can make use of this device for home repairs and for farm usage as well.

You can see its power when you start welding different kinds of metals like mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. It can cut through these materials without any problem at all. Other metals like the chrome-moly are also included in the list of metals it can work on.

This Poweri-MIG 140E can perform a minimum of 24 gauge in its welding capacity. It can either be a single pass or multiple pass. Either way, this device is very efficient so you can use it in different applications. The insular-gate bipolar transistor is one of its main features.

The design of this MIG welder is capable of releasing a higher output for amperes. This makes this welder very durable and strong. The power of this welder should not be underrated because you will be amazed by its capacity.

To make this welder more efficient, a Spoon gun is included. It is created in a way that it can be used for a 4-inch cord as well as for an 8-inch cord. You also get to have an Argon regulator and a work clamp. To top it all, the five-year warranty will make you relieved if ever you experience technical issues.

4. Forney 318 MIG Welder

The Forney 318 is considered as one of the best MIG welders in its league. This machine is capable of cutting through heavy and thick metals. According to most of the users, this welder has the ability to produce quality welds because of its quality features and parts. It will never be out of the list of the top welders in the industry.

Forney 318 is created with a compact design which makes it very lightweight. You won’t have any problem in carrying this to different places because you can even hand-carry it. Aside from this, it is very versatile in nature. The flux-core allows you to work on different materials such as steel and aluminum. You can work on light metals and thick metals as well. To make it really beneficial for you, there is also an inclusion of flow meter and gas regulator and hose.

This welding device runs with 230 volts of power and has a capacity of 190A. The Spool Gun can accommodate up to 8 inches of cord and spool wire. The power cord is also very long with a measure of 15 feet. You will surely reach far areas with the length of this cord. To add to its inclusions, there is an HD cast aluminum for wire-feeding purposes. A big cabinet is also included for storage purposes.

If you need to perform welding applications for your house, farm, automobile shops, and even in fabrications, then you should not think twice about this product.

5. Miller Electric MIG Welder

The Millermatic 211 is a dual voltage MIG welding machine that is also very handy. If you are searching for a product that is very portable, then this one will surely fit your needs. People are very impressed with the decent welds it can produce. It can also weld precisely and accurately.

It was a given a high rating by the customers because it can weld different materials like steel and aluminum. You can also this MIG welder for a variety metals with different thickness. It will surely cut effectively without any effort at all. Though it is only 3 pounds, it can perform tremendous welding capabilities like no other.

Millermatic 211 runs in 240 volts of alternating current. This feature allows it to be used in heavy duty tasks despite its small size. This proves that size doesn’t matter. It can even outsell other brands because of its versatility and powerful performance.

Moreover, this welder makes use of MIG gas. It also includes a flux core feature that can give quality performance. To top it all, this welding device makes use of the inverter technology. The travel speed is indeed spectacular and the arm length is just appropriate.

The amperes of this MIG welder can reach up to 230 Amperes. This level only operates when it is needed. It also contains a fan cooler that makes sure that the welder will not overheat. It automatically opens whenever it senses that the temperature is already very high. This prevents accidents and fire.

The package contains an MIG gun together with a gas solenoid valve since it uses inert gas. Just like other packages, it has a work clamp to keep the material safely in place. All of the inclusions are indeed reliable and useful.

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MIG Welder For Home Use Buying Guide

It is very beneficial to have a MIG welder for different purposes at home or in business. They can perform better than the ordinary welding machines in the market. You can benefit from its many uses if you know how to effectively select the best MIG welder for your need.

  • Power – You need to know first the welding task that you need to do in order to decide on the power required for that activity. Different MIG welders in the market run in different volts or power setting. Thicker metals may require higher voltage. Thinner and light metals only require lower voltage. Identify the task first and choose between higher and lower volts.
  • Spool Gun – The Spool Gun is a good attachment to the torch. This is primarily used to prevent wire jams and obstructions while you are on the job. Aluminum is very difficult to weld that is why the presence of a spool gun is highly recommended.
  • Gas Regulator – One of the factors that you should consider is the gas regulator. This is very important since it is the part that you will use to control the gas. You can also avoid wasting the fuel through the regulator.
  • Duty Cycle – This feature is important in preventing overheating. The duty cycle determines the length of time that the MIG welder can be used before it reaches the overheating point. It gives you a reminder whether you exceeded the time already.
  • Heavy Duty Welding – MIG welders with high amperage capacity are meant for heavy duty tasks. These welding devices are best for industrial and commercial use. Heavy duty MIG welders are mostly used for these kinds of applications. Aluminum is one example of material that is very hard to weld that is why it is recommended to make use of heavy-duty MIG welders
  • Level of Amperage – Check the level of amperage of the MIG welder machine. This can make the heat level of the welder. Appropriate amperage can result to quality welding results.
  • Input Power – It can range from 110V up to 230V. Some machines have alternating current and some others don’t have. The solution is to avail a dual voltage welder for versatility.
  • Quality of the MIG Welder – You should invest your money in a good quality MIG welder. High-quality MIG welders are usually priced higher because they are worth the money. The best MIG welders can deliver amazing results that you will surely love.
  • Warranty Period – It is a given fact that when you purchase electronics and equipment, you should consider the warranty period. Some MIG welders have longer warranty period compared to other brands. It is recommended to avail a welding device that offers more than 1 year of warranty period.

Advantages of MIG Welder For Home Use

  • Increased productivity – MIG welders can offer faster welding process. It allows you to increase your productivity rate by speeding up the process of welding.
  • Easy to Learn – Operating the MIG welder is not that complicated compared to other welding devices. They are easy to follow and the parts are easy to control.
  • Mess-Free – Using MIG welders helps in avoiding mess when it comes to splashes of metals. Your arc will surely be protected.
  • Appealing Welds – The MIG welder can produce decent welds of high quality. They are precise and mess-free.
  • Versatility – MIG welders can be used in different applications. Since it uses inert gas, it can be used for different kinds of materials and metals. The level of thickness is not a problem with MIG welders.


Welding can be a very tedious and difficult task. In order to make it fun and easy, you should make use of MIG welders. These welders are very effective in cutting through different materials and metals. You can use it with steel and aluminum for industrial purposes. You can also utilize it for home use and DIY applications.

There are a lot more of applications where you can make use of the MIG welder. There are many MIG welders in the market and it is important to choose the best mig welder for home use in the market. Be sure to identify your needs first and do a little research. The MIG welder reviews would surely be a great help.

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