Rikon 50-112 Disc Sander Review

When you need a strong tool to shape out and smoothen the sides of the materials you are working on such as wood or plastics then you will surely make use of the Rikon 50-112 Disc Sander. Working with wood and plastic can be quite challenging to control which is why the Rikon 50-112 gives you enough power and adjustability to make working with the edges of the materials you’re handling easier and more flexible.

Rikon 50-112 also is very safe to use. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands or your fingers cut since the tool is designed to be safe and doesn’t contain any extra parts that would hinder your production or possibly cause harm when you’re working with it. If you are comfortable with the tool that you are using then the work that you have is less time consuming and you don’t have to exert too much effort.

Ease Of Use With The Rikon 50-112

One of the most important things for a disc sander is how easy you can use and manipulate it for your needs. Smoothening the edges of the wood or the plastic that you’re working one can be very tricky and sometimes it can be confusing to work with the right portion of the disc since you end up working on the wrong side; Rikon 50-112 doesn’t give you any of these problems. The disc is placed perfectly so that it does not have problems such as protruding above the belt. This, in turn, allows you to sand every inch of the material that you are working on.

The Rikon 50-112 gives you all the flexibility and the creativity that you can put into sanding the material you need to work on. Your time while working on it is considerably reduced thus you can go on and work on other important pieces for your woodwork or plastic work.

You can expect only the best from Rikon 50-112 and you won’t find any other tool that makes working easier for you. There are so many things that Rikon 50-112 lets you do with your material and making it look absolute perfection is one of them. You can trust that your materials will reach its desired shape.

Flexibility And Durability Of The Rikon 50-112

One of the reasons why the Rikon 50-112 is such a good investment is that you can trust it is durable. Some other disc sanders can perform for a short period of time; however, after a few months they become dull and the no long work as sharply as they do before.

With the Rikon 50-112 you can avoid these things and work with your project nonstop until everything is complete and perfect. You can trust that the disc is strong and can hold the material you’re working on while you are at work and smoothening its sides.

Not only that but you can also add a dust extractor machine with the Rikon 50-112. this tool can be very much flexible and work with additional units that you add to it to make your work easier. The dust extraction unit is responsible to extract the dust particles when the tool is used.

The disk then rotates anti-clockwise direction that means you can only use the left portion of the dis for work. With the right rotation of the disc, you can firmly hold the Rikon 50-112 in place while smoothening the materials you need. You can never go wrong when you choose Rikon 50-112.

Features & Specifications Of The Rikon 50-112

  • Contains a Disc Speed of 3450 RPM
  • Contains a Belt Speed of 1900 SFPM
  • It has a cast iron and steel construction on its body
  • It’s very heavy duty and offers a vibration free option
  • You can finish your work faster and with smoother results
  • Gives you increased torque and is very reliable for heavy use

Rikon 50-112 Reviews

The product has received 8.8 out of 10 for customer reviews and a lot of positive feedbacks. The customers loved how easy the sander was working and that the sanding belt is above everything which makes it very usable and that you can get a lot of power from the tool when you’re working overtime with it.

The belt drive was also easy to use and very adjustable which made it easier for the customers to work with different sizes since you can adjust it vertically and horizontally. The dust port is extremely useful and also easy to manipulate when needed.

Other than that the sanding belt of the Rikon 50-112 is very durable. You don’t even need to replace it as early since it can last a lot longer than what other expect it too. However, if you do need to replace the belt there is nothing to worry about since the Rikon 50-112 has definitely made its belt easier to open and close.

Things To Improve

One of the things that the customers look for the Rikon 50-112 to improve would be the size, even though it is a great size for heavy duty working and is very durable because of that, there are some who are looking for smaller sizes.

There are those who like to work on small projects or have small work spaces and would like a smaller version of the Rikon 50-112. This isn’t a big problem because the company can consider in the future to create one and provide the customers what they need.


The Rikon 50-112 is a wonderful investment and you truly get what you have paid for. You have a tool that has good body construction, heavy duty, flexible and can work with you over time. Not only that but you can also change the belts fairly easily and add in external units when you need it the most.

The Rikon 50-112 is probably one of the most versatile and impressive disc sanders in the market nowadays. You will surely not regret buying one since it can last long and wouldn’t break down as easily.

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