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Top 5 Best Tool Chest Under 500$

Storing your tools is a must. Not only can you keep them in good shape, but also allows you to save space in your workstation. Furthermore, having a mess could result in losing your tools.

Most of the best tool chests under 500$ have wheels that allow you to move the cart with ease while there are other tool cabinets that don’t have wheels, enabling you to carry it with ease.

Many brands claim to have all the features you need for a storage box, but if you are looking for top rated toolboxes, here are five of the best brands in the market.

Best Tool Chest Under 500 Reviews

Finding the best rolling tool cart can be exhausting due to the number of options you have. However, you still need to do your research to get the right tool cabinet; you need to consider your utensils, the unit’s weight limit, and its features.

1. Stanley 020800R FatMax

This product offers an outstandingly smart design. Compared to its competitors, the Stanley 020800R tool chest has several layers. Each can be used for storing equipment, such as power and hand tools, as well as building supplies.

It also uses an easy pull-up motion that allows you to open the unit without a problem. Additionally, it has a large latch on the front that locks the unit automatically.

The top cover of this roller tool box can be used as a workspace. It also has a built-in groove that stabilizes piping and lumber. This feature allows you to measure and cut the object better. The Stanley FatMax tool chest is not only ideal for small workstations and indoor projects; it can also be used for outdoor activities. Hence, doing some quick fixes with this portable tool chest is expedient.

Stanley offers a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee. Their product received a 9 out of 10 rating from its buyers. Though they provide such services, it doesn’t mean that their products are of poor quality; it only gives you an assurance that they are dependable. They all claimed that it’s one of the best tool chests they’ve got, giving them a right to be on this list.

The lifetime warranty caters to the parts of the tool chest. If one of the components break, you may call their hotline, and they will deliver the gears for free. They can also fix it for free. As for the money-back guarantee, the company will give you a full refund if you don’t like their products. You simply need to return the item, and they will give your money back.

2. BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box


The Bostitch rolling tool cabinet is the best choice for those who own several tools. It allows you to keep them in place without bringing all the materials that you need by simply detaching the compartment and get the tools that you want to bring. Because it’s quite small, it can only store items up to 70 pounds. If you exceed that limit, it could cause damage to the tool box.

As mentioned earlier, tool chests are made from aluminum. Though they are made from steel, it doesn’t mean they don’t get bulky. Once you’ve loaded the materials in the storage box, it can be heavy, considering that it weighs a thousand pounds! Dragging a heavy piece of equipment can be exhausting. Nobody wants to do it, especially when it’s hot or snowy in the area.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with these issues anymore. The Bostitch BTST19802 Tool Box features 7-inch rubber wheels. It allows you to pull the rolling tool box with ease, regardless of the weather and the ground condition. Moreover, you can split the compartments into two parts. In that way, you can carry the boxes with ease.

The first half is the toolbox that you can detach to the chest; it has a drawer and ball bearings that allow you to open and close the unit with ease. Meanwhile, the bottom part is not detachable.

However, it also has a drawer with ball bearings that slide automatically when you open or close it. All layers of this box are relatively roomy. There’s ample space for work belts, saws, hand tools, and drills. It also features several trays where you can store more tools.

3. Seville Classics UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet


Seville ClassicsTM is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen cupboards, dressers, and garage storage systems. Among all the products they offer, their best-selling item is the UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet as it boasts its impressive design and unique features that other brands don’t have.

The top part is made of skimmed wood. This feature gives a stylish and sophisticated look and can be used as a workstation. The drawers are made from stainless steel, while the handles are crafted from premium chrome. Furthermore, it features a one-lock system, allowing you to use a key that secures your belongings. Thus, you don’t need to use several keys to lock and unlock the units.

As for its aesthetics, this one is a work of art, which is a standard quality of Seville Classics cabinets. It can hold all your tools and is fully functional. It has six boxes with cushioned linings where you can store your equipment.

Moreover, the strong structure can withstand the toughest strains. It can also carry items up to 90 pounds and drag it without a problem. It’s all thanks to the heavy-duty castor wheels that allow you to move the cabinet from one place to another.

If you want to get a sleek yet efficient cabinet, then this is the best toolbox to choose. Not only does it add life to your workspace, but it also keeps all your tools organized and secure. Hence, finding the materials that you need for your project becomes ultra-convenient.

4. Stanley 018800R Mobile Work Center


This toolbox is another product manufactured by Stanley. It’s the best rolling toolbox for the money. It’s smaller than the 020800R, but you can still store a lot of items in it. The Stanley 018800R is perfect for those people who are always on-the-go. It allows you to bring the tools with you more efficiently.

Compared to the 020800R model, this one has three layers. Each compartment is specifically designed for storing various types of equipment.

The bottom part can store bigger tools while the upper portion can carry smaller utensils. As for the middle part, it has a portable tray where you can place your utility knives and screwdrivers. Thus, this portable tool chest allows you to organize your belongings and ensures that you know where you place them.

Furthermore, it has a slide down door system that shuts automatically. Hence, you don’t need to exert too much effort to close the compartment. You only need to pull it down, and it will close automatically.

Lastly, the Stanley Mobile Work Center features large wheels and a handle that enable you to pull the tool chest; your tools will stay in place, even if you roll it on a rough surface. It gives you easy access to everything that you need after a long journey.

Because it is a Stanley product, it has a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. You simply need to call their customer support and get the services that you need. They will fix your issue in just a few days.

5. Excel TB2105X-Blue Steel Top Chest

If you want to get the best tool box for the money, then you may choose the Excel TB2105X Steel Top Chest. It is considered to be one of the best tool boxes for mechanics, but other workers can use it as well.

But unlike Seville Classics, the Excel steel top chest uses two keys. One is for locking the drawers while the other one is for unlocking them. Therefore, it gives more security to your belongings as compared to its competitors.

The storage box has five drawers with ball bearings. These bearings allow the user to open and close the units with ease. It also has a top compartment where you can store bigger tools, but you can use it as a table. However, it doesn’t have wheels, but it has recessed handles on both sides of the tool cart. It allows you to move the storage box from one place to another.

The structure is coated with industrial powder, and its overall construction of this box is made from pressed steel. It can withstand any abuse; it protects the mechanic toolbox from scratches, making it as one of the most durable tool boxes on the market. Hence, you don’t need to worry about damaging the aesthetics while moving the cabinet or working on your project.

Regarding its capacity, it can carry items up to 250 pounds. Each drawer can hold up to 50 pounds. So, if you have several tools to keep, this could be the best option for you.

Tool Chest Buying Guide

Using the right tools play a vital role in the success of one’s project. However, they can only be useful if you know where to find them.

The perfect solution? Portable tool box with wheels! They are smaller than ordinary cabinets, but they provide extensive areas for your things.

But with the number of options you have, how will you know which one is the best choice to make? By answering these questions, you will find the perfect storage box that doesn’t bust your budget and helps you in your work plan.

How Many Utensils Will You Store in the Box?

tools - toolbox

Even if you don’t have a lot of gears right now, the time will come that it will grow. Therefore, you need to get a storage unit that can store your future orders.

You can start with a toolbox or a mobile chest. These boxes can keep additional tools and install another storage area when needed.

If you own several utensils, look at the storage limit of the tool chest’s compartments. Get a box that has enough loading space, but you have to ensure that it fits in the designated area. The standard size of cabinets and chests is 26 inches, but wider options are also available for variety.

What Are the Sizes of Your Belongings?

If most of your belongings are small, look for a cabinet that has shallow drawers. Some units have a detachable compartment, a removable layer that serves as a drawer, which you can carry around. This compartment is ideal if you are always on-the-go, and you need to bring the needed materials with you.

Meanwhile, if most of your possessions are power tools, you may opt for a unit that has deep compartments. But if you have both sizes, get a chest that can store big and small utensils. Thus, you don’t need to get two sets of storage boxes.

How Much Strength Do You Need?

screw drivers inside tool box

Several factors may affect the overall strength of the tool chest. But the one that influences it the most is a steel gauge. Basically, the heavier the structure, the stronger the unit.

However, heavyweight steel also means a massive storage; hence, making it difficult to move. To reduce the weight but not compromise its strength, get a chest that implements beam construction methods. It makes a strong, sturdy frame that covers lighter steel sheets.

However, the structure’s rigidity and durability are not the only factors you must consider; you also need to look at how the manufacturer installed the parts together. How the pieces are attached can also affect the overall durability of the unit.

For instance, the way the casters are connected can influence the cabinet’s performance and strength. High-end storage boxes use U-shape brackets to mount and to support the caster. Meanwhile, cheaper options have L-shape braces to reinforce caster channels.

How Often Will You Use the Storage Unit?

If you want affordable cabinets that you don’t need to use regularly, friction drawer slides are the best alternative. They may not be as smooth as ball-bearing slides, but these products allow you to buy another storage set.

But if you constantly use drawers, get a chest that features ball-bearing slides. Specifically made for heavy abuse, they are user-friendly and provide easy access to your stuff as it extends fully.

Though ball bearings allow you to open and close the compartments with ease, they are made differently. Therefore, you need to check its load capacity. Basically, the heavier the weight limit, the greater the slide performance.

Will You Move the Tool Chest?

tool cabinet with wheels

Even if you don’t have plans on moving the storage unit, you still need to consider its wheels. Casters regulate the weight capacity of the tool chest. Thus, the bigger the wheels, the more items it can hold.

For easy portability and better features, look for a storage space that has large, rotating wheels. These casters have a locking system that keeps the cabinet in place. Also, check if the compartments have detents or any mechanism that will secure your belongings.

A detent is a critical part of drawers with ball-bearing slides. It is a catch in the machine that prevents motion until released, ensuring that the compartments are closed tightly while moving the chest.

What Other Features Do You Need?

Nowadays, tool chests are more than just a storage unit. With the advancement in technology, the features of these cases have changed. They’ve become multimedia centers, allowing you to do more things than just keeping your tools.

Some tool cabinets have a centralized power outlet where you can recharge your phone or equipment that is battery-operated, alternately making it a charging station. Others have built-in LED lights, stereo systems, and refrigerators. These functions can exceed your fantasies.

However, they are more expensive than an ordinary tool chest. Furthermore, the more features it has, the higher the price.

Hence, you need to ask yourself if you need such features. You need to know how you will use the unit. If you want to use it as a workbench, you may look for a chest that has a power outlet and LED lights.

But if you only want to use it as a tool storage, a simple tool chest with drawers would be enough for your loading needs.


There are several tool chest products that you can buy in stores. But our top choices are Stanley 020800R FatMax and Bostitch BTST19802 rolling tool chests. Both offer convenience to its users.

The Stanley FatMax doesn’t only serve as a storage box but also as a workstation. Hence, you don’t need to bring a workbench whenever you need to work in the field.

Meanwhile, the Bostitch rolling tool chest offers two compartments that you can split in half. This allows you to move the unit with ease. Moreover, it allows you to bring the items that you only need.

Again, your choice lies in the tools you use and your work environment. So, make sure you do your research before buying a product to get the most out of your budget.

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