Top 5 Best Stain for Red Oak Floors

best stain for red oak floors

Stain on the wood floor is a must-have thing if you want your wooden floor to last longer. The best stain for red oak floors can protect your wooden object from rain, snow, and sun. To select the perfect one for your red oak floor, you must go through several features of the wood stains.

To have a quick-select, I have enlisted 5 best stains for red oak floors with detail information. You can read the features and select your one from the list below.

Les’s have a look at the wood stain.

Our 3 Favorite Stain for Red Oak Floors

Top 5 Best Stain for Red Oak Floors Review

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1. Minwax 700434444 wood finish

We have enlisted Minwax 70043444 by Minwax as the first wood stain in our review. Minwax has been producing wood proof and stain since 1904 locally. At present, Minwax has earned its deserved reputation worldwide in this field. Including the natural quality, you can get this wood finish with 28 different colors.


Variation in color: You can buy 28 different colors of this stain regarding your floor color.

Applicable: To enhance the interior decoration, you can apply this wood finish on bare or stripped wood undoubtedly.

Specialty: To highlight the wood fiber with natural grain color, this stain can reach deeper.

Suitability: Surprisingly this one stain you can apply in wood furniture, cabinets, trim, wood door, and hardwood floor.


  • Brand: Minwax
  • Color: Sedona Red
  • Weight: 1.12 ounces
  • Size: Quart
  • Floor color: Red oak floor


  • This stain can dig into deeper to flash the wood fiber.
  • The experienced brand assures you to rely upon them.
  • You can get 28 different color stain matching your floor color.


  • You may have to delay your current region.
  • It may turn into grey with the change of weather.

2. Ready Seal 120 1-Gallon Can Redwood Exterior 

ir?t=equipmentarea 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00MDVLMHOReady seal 120 provides you the darkest color in the first application. You will have the original color after 14 days. The brand Ready Seal is imminent for providing readymade color that needs no mixture to seal on the floor. The brand allows you a bustle free stain with amazing features. Look at the stunning features below.


Original color: You will get too dark color at the first appearance of the stain. You have to wait 14 days to get accurate color.

Drying duration: The ready seal takes 48 to 72 hours to dry up completely. You should not walk on the floor during this time.

Multiple coating times: In the case of recoating the floor, you should wait for 45 minutes break for each coating

Requirements: You won’t need any wet-line application, back brushing, thinning prior, and temperature controller applying this ready stain.

Applying accessories: You can simply use a sprayer, roller or brush to apply this ready seal.


  • Brand: Ready seal
  • Color: Redwood
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Size: 1 Gallon
  • Floor color: Red oak floor


  • You can spray the seal just cutting the gallon.
  • It requires no mixture to be ready for sealing.
  • It has no linseed oil so that it cannot stain your hands
  • You can use spray or simple brush to apply the seal.


  • It takes 14 days to appear in the original color.
  • You may need two coatings to get the desired color on the floor.

3. Varathane 211727H Premium Wood Stain

Varathane 211727H by Rust-Oleum is famous for deep natural color on the oak floors. This wood stain carries Soya oil that penetrates the color going into the wood fiber. The most amazing feature of this stain is a quicker drying facility. It can dry up within one or two hours that allows the floor to walkable so fast. Let’s see the fabulous features of the wood stain.


Deep natural color: This wood stain can reach to the deep of the wood fiber and penetrates to generate a more natural color.

Quick-dry: It takes only one or two hours to dry up and enables you to walk on the floor. You should wait for a couple of hours more.

Recoating time: Without any constant stirring or blotching, you can recoat the floor after 2 hours if you want a deeper color.

Durability: This stain reaches to the core of the wood to generate a natural color that’s why you will get long term durability.


  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Color: American Walnut
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Size: Quart
  • Floor color: Red oak floor


  • This stain is good enough to generate a more natural color.
  • Comparing with other wood stains it can last longer.
  • It allows you to walk on the floor within 2 hours.
  • Without any mixture, you can apply the stain undoubtedly.


  • As it is an oil-based stain, it may stain your hands.

4. KILZ L832211 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain

This waterproofing wood stain by KILZ offers you a semi-transparent look on your wood surface. The brand features an acrylic formula that protects your wood floor, fence, furniture, and so on from sunlight, rain, snow, and fog. Surprisingly, the brand offers you 3 to 5 years of warranty. Look at the key features of this exterior stain.


Waterproof: The acrylic formula of the stain protects your wood from rain, sun, snow, and fogs. It allows your wood waterproof.

Semi-transparent color: The semi-transparent of the stain provides you a mildew-resistance finish and UV protection that are responsible for the original color.

Brighten wood: It goes deeper to the wood and generates the color brighter that neutralize the wood.

Warranty: If you look at the level of the wood stain, then you can see two types of warranty there. You will get 3 years of warranty for deck and 5 years for fence and siding.


  • Brand: KILZ
  • Color: Redwood
  • Weight: 9.32 Pounds
  • Size: 1 Gallon
  • Floor color: Red oak floor


  • This waterproof wood stain provides your UV protection with mildew-resistance.
  • Great acrylic formula saves your wood from sun, snow, and rain.
  • You are getting a warranty from the brand.
  • Semi-transparent color enables you to have natural color.1dm


  • To get a deeper color you may need several coatings that may become costly.
  • It requires a wood cleaner before applying the stain.

5. Varathane 224491H Premium Gel Stain, Quart, Cabernet

This exterior wood stain by Rust-Oleum is famous for the vertical surfaces like the door, floor, and furniture. The wood stain is efficient to apply on the fiberglass and composite doors also. This premium gel stain protects your wood substances from drips and runs. This stain is quicker than others in drying up within an hour. Check out the amazing features of the stain.


Applicable for: You can apply this premium gel stain over window trim, furniture, fiberglass, and composite doors.

Specialty: This wood stain is thicker that creates a consistency to protect from drips and runs.

Quick-dry: It takes an hour to dry up completely. You can walk on the floor within an hour.

Coverage area: A single stain can cover up to 250 sq ft normally although it depends on the operator.


  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Color: Cabernet
  • Weight: 2.35 Pounds
  • Size: Quart
  • Floor color: Red oak floor


  • This wood stain protects wood from drips and runs.
  • It takes only an hour to dry up completely.
  • It increases the beauty of the wood grains with natural color with long durability.
  • This stain leaves no lap marks on the surface.


  • You should not apply the stain on the floor, deck, and siding.
  • You must look at the process carefully so that you may not make to too deeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you stain red oak floors?

Ans: Obviously, You can stain red oak floors. Here, you have to go through several issues when you are going to stain red oak floors. At first, you have to select a perfect brand with a suitable color for your floor. The perfect color combination can enrich your interior decoration. However, you must know the applying process also. Right instructions and proper tools can make your floor dashing with the touch of stain.

  1. Can red oak floors be stained gray?

Ans: Yes, the red oak floor can be stained gray with the passing time. You can find different colors to stain on your floor but may not find actual gray color. Improper choice of the stain may turn the original color into gray. Look at the features of the products, you will find some wood stain that turns into gray over time.

  1. Should you stain oak floors?

Ans: In short, you must stain oak floors to increase the durability of the floor. Stain protects your floor from water and heat. On the other hand, stain enhances the interior decoration providing bright natural color on the floor.

  1. How do you make red oak look gray?

Ans: You can make red oak look gray in different methods. The Gray floor looks smart in modern buildings. At first, you can make red oak gray by staining gray color on the floor. Just have a look at the features of the best 5 best stain for red oak floors. Next, if you stain a semi-transparent red color on the floor, it may turn into gray after a few months.

  1. Does Red Oak need a pre-stain conditioner?

Ans: The need for a pre-stain conditioner depends on your object that is to be stained. If your object is too dusty and full of debris, then you should use a pre-stain conditioner. On the other hand, the pre-stain conditioner enables the stain to reach to the bottom of the wood fabric to generate the original color. It also helps the stain to last long.

Bottom line

You have the 5 best stains for red oak floors in the review with detail features and specifications. If you read the features well, then I hope you will get a suitable stain for your red oak floors.