5 Best Harbor Freight Floor Jack In The Market 2024

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There is difficulty in selecting a best harbor freight floor jack or the trolley jack for your home and garage. Various aspects have to be considered, starting with the brands, types, and models. In every category available, you also have to assess the features, advantages, and disadvantages associated.

For instance, instead of looking into the available brands alone, you should also specify floor jacks based on their weight or make. The purpose of this guideline is to provide you a means of considering all relevant aspects in evaluating a floor jack without the complication.

Apart from providing you a list of most reliable floor jacks to buy, you will also be guided on how to select one smartly.

Our 5 Favorite Harbor Freight Floor Jack

Best Harbor Freight Floor Jack Reviews

1. Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack

The Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack has a weight capacity of 3 tons and despite its high load rating, it only weighs 56 pounds. It is constructed with a lift arm for further strength. Moreover, this floor jack is designed with two pump pistons for a quick lifting mechanism.

The raising range of the floor jack is from 3.6 to 19.4 inches. Aside from the said components, it also has shields against dust found in its piston to avoid contamination of the hydraulic mechanism.

The overload and bypass valves prevent over-pressuring the ram. It will keep your jack from failure since the weight capacity will never be surpassed even if you try. The product is made of professional-grade aluminum material, giving you an assurance of long-lasting use.

Even if you are working on low-profile vehicles, the Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack will work efficiently. At the rear part of the floor jack are swivel caster wheels mounted using a ball bearing. This promotes the mobility of the jack under your car or load.

The frame and components of your vehicle will be protected while you are working with the aid of its saddle pad. If you need to store it, it comes with the dual handle for ease. The handle valves are even designed with an engaging or disengage control.

This product is compliant with all the 2009 ASME PALD Standards. You may use it for SUVs, vans, trucks, and conventional cars.


  • Quick lifting system
  • Dual pump pistons
  • Higher lifting heights
  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Front and rear wheels


  • Not satisfactory aesthetics

2. Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Service Jack

This hydraulic floor jack has a weight capacity of 2 tons. This is a United States-made product with precise load control with the assistance of its U-joint construction. It comes with a pump base for added strength.

The lifting arm of the Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Service Jack is manufactured with cast iron for durability. Its hydraulic pump is also sealed to avoid future leaks, raising the precision of the tool. For further stability, Hein-Werner also widened its frame.

Even if it has a much higher weight capacity, it is considerably light. The cast iron material even makes it lighter when carried. By using this tool, you can obtain a lifting height of 4.5 to 20.25 inches.

The line pump assembly is high-quality, assuring long time service. There are also no misaligned forces that will keep the rising task easier minus the easy, weary issues. Since it comes in one piece, the bending risk will be eliminated.

Similar to the previous products’ features, it has rear wheels for easy maneuverability under the car or heavy load. Storing it will also be easier since it comes in one piece without disassembly necessary.

Each of the components of the Hein-Werner HW93642 Hydraulic Service Jack is made from America. This guarantees it will last long and has passed stringent quality control. Before use, you need to top off the hydraulic oil.


  • Designed to work with one piece
  • Lifts loads at a higher height
  • Heavy duty ensuring durability
  • Rapid pumping feature for quick lifting
  • Made in the United States


  • Hydraulic oil may still leak

3. Torin T83006 Floor Jack

This 3-ton service jack is available with high durability assurance given its high-grade steel construction. It is manufactured in compliance with the standards set for mechanical work, including the ASME PALD standards. Among its top-quality features is its widened saddle surface, which delivers improved contact with the heavy load or car.

The Torin T83006 Floor Jack is also designed with a safety release handle. During use, you will not have to worry about the vehicle suddenly lowering down. Overload protection is also integrated into the machine, avoiding the raising of loads weighing beyond the capacity of the tool.

Unlike the other featured floor jacks, it has no handle. This means you need to move it entirely to change its position under your vehicle. It may not be as robust as other tools as well for repeated application.

The Torin T83006 Floor Jack is not specifically designed for a professional mechanic. It may be best used for personal purposes. Professionals do not recommend that you use a higher neck for this tool since this will cause instability. To increase its lift, the technique is to put a floor jack on board.

Although this product is not really intended for professional use, it can still provide customers a better control over the speed whenever it lowers the car or heavy load.


  • Easy to use release valve
  • Controllable speed for reducing load
  • Very easy to pump repeatedly
  • Designed with large saddle for stability
  • Constructed with wheels


  • May come with air-containing hydraulic oil

4. Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack

Compared to the previously featured products, this floor jack has a higher weight capacity of 3.5 tons. It comes with black and red colors and its aesthetics are perfected with steel construction. The tool also has a bypass device avoiding over pumping when raising a vehicle or loads.

Furthermore, the Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack comes with a safety valve. This provides you both protection and peace of mind while using the tool and during repair under your car. Since it has a higher weight capacity, it will be able to lift a broad range of vehicles effortlessly.

This tool comes with a handle. Nonetheless, it has a weak grip, which requires caution or else the tool can slip off your control. The component is not foldable, implying that you need a larger space to store the floor jack.

The Blackhawk B6350 Floor Jack’s handle comes in two pieces. This is not the best feature of a floor jack since it cannot guarantee maximum security. However, the lifting tool can still handle loads quicker than other floor jacks.

The entire construction of the floor jack is made with steel material, giving you the guarantee of resistance against premature damage. There are also swivels attached to the saddle giving you a more manageable way of changing the spot where the jack is placed.

The product is also not intended for low-profile vehicles. It is best utilized for raising medium to large cars, SUVs, and trucks.


  • Quick raising mechanism
  • Has higher weight capacity
  • Comfortable to use
  • Constructed out of steel
  • Easy to position with swivels


  • Have limitations in vehicle compatibility

5. Milestone Tools Powerline 380044 3-Ton Floor Jack

This floor jack has a rated capacity of 3 tons or 6,000 pounds. It has a lift range of 4 inches at a minimum and 18.25 inches maximum. Milestone Tools made it possible to use a lightweight aluminum material for its construction.

Aside from the lightweight build of the Milestone Tools Powerline 380044 3-Tone Floor Jack, it also has increased portability assurance. Aluminum is not the only material used to guarantee its durability, it also has steel arm for better lifts. This ensures long-lasting support regardless of heavy loads.

The Milestone Tools Powerline 380044 3-Ton Floor Jack is also assisted by the hydraulic system, which quickly lifts cars. This helps save time and avoid overloading beyond its weight capacity. For easier positioning of the tool, you may use its rear wheels.

Apart from its sturdy body, it has a saddle padded with rubber. Alternatively, its handle is covered with foam for better and more comfortable grip. Even the vehicle frame will be protected as necessary.

When used for lifting cars, it can easily be removed when needed. It is your choice either to detach it in two short pieces or one long piece.

Even without the use of jack stands, it will keep your vehicle lifted without any chance of lowering. It is also resistant to premature breakage, bends, or even leaks compared to smaller or less expensive jacks. In consideration of its features, it is worth the investment.


  • Lifts vehicles easily without lowering
  • Solidly built for long-lasting use
  • Minimal assembly
  • High level of portability
  • Little control arms


  • Poor customer support

Harbor Freight Floor Jack Buying Guide

Types of Floor Jack

best harbor freight floor jack

Before identifying the best floor jack for truck, defining the tool is needed. Relatively, this mechanical device used as a lifter for heavy loads has different types. It has various forms with varying force exertion or capacities.

To help you understand the matter more efficiently, here are the different kinds of floor jack depending on their purposes.

1) Scissor Jack – This is a floor jack that is commonly used by households. This type of tool is most valuable for cars as well. This type of floor jack is utilized for changing flat tires or performing highway repairs. You will find this in the compact construction. It is very lightweight, giving you no issue in storing it.

Note: Another name for a scissor jacks is jackscrew. This is due to its mechanism that is characterized by scissor motion to lift the vehicle after screwing the jack’s sides is done through squeezing.

2) Hydraulic Jack – It is also called as service jack, trolley jack, or garage jack. This is best used in the workshop or garage. Compared to a scissor jack, it has a larger size and heavier weight. You can operate this type of floor jack by sliding or wheeling the jack below your vehicle. Once the tool has been placed, pumping of the unit’s arm is constantly done which will result to lifting your car.

3) Hi-Lift Jack – This kind of jack is also called farm jack or high lift jack. The name was created since it is highly useful for farmers. It is extremely versatile not only for lifting but also for pinching, pulling, and levering. Take note that it is not suitable for conventional cars. These are ideal for farming trucks and off-road fleet.

4) Bottle Jack – The term used to describe this jack is due to its shape similar to a whiskey or bottle jack. It consists of a single lift rod, which serves as a piston. By pumping the jack’s arm, the piston will raise your car.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Floor Jack For The Money 

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The top rated floor jack reviews are not enough without considering the features or specifications of the products. You can only determine a product’s real value if it is indeed useful and does not fall short when it comes to long-term service. No one would certainly want to invest in a tool that requires immediate replacement.

1) Consider the Type of Heavy Load – If you use best low profile floor jack for cars, you should check the make or model of your vehicle. The most crucial factor in checking your vehicle is the ground clearance. Apparently, cars with low ground clearance are the easiest to lift.

By determining this factor, you will also know the type of floor jack to use. For instance, if you are dealing with race or sports cars, you need the low profile jacks. Alternatively, trucks, sedans, coupes, or vans may demand hydraulic floor jacks.

2) Check the Weight Capacity – You have to find a floor jack that exceeds the weight of the load. The maximum capacity of most common jacks is 2 to 3 tons. Take note that jacks do not support your car’s weight entirely.

Mid-sized, compact, and sub-compact cars can be lifted by 2 tons floor jack. If you will pull up trucks, SUVs, full-sized cars, it is more suitable to use 3 tons jack.

3) Choose High-Quality Build – Buying cheap floor jacks will only result to frequent replacements, costing you more. If you select high quality manufactured tools, you can expect it to serve for a long time. Low-cost floor jacks are often constructed with plastic components.

It is best to find a floor jack with metal finish. At present, new releases of floor jacks are not only made of steel, but also coated, polished, or painted for better aesthetics.

Safety Tips When Using the Best Floor Jack For The Money 

best portable car jack

The proper utilization of a best hydraulic floor jack is necessary to accomplish your repair work successfully. Without further learning of application techniques, you may also expose yourself to a risk of accidents during your job. To keep your car and yourself safeguarded while using the floor jack, here are tips to remember.

1) Check Your Floor Jack Beforehand – Always check the hints of wear and tear on your floor jack. There are hydraulic jacks that may be leaking, which indicates loss of pressure.

2) Park the Car Properly – You should ensure that your vehicle is not only parked but is immobile until the work is done. Make sure the handbrake is on, which helps keep the wheels from rolling in any direction. Find a leveled ground to park your car, which is also undulating, unstable, or sloped.

3) Always Use Jack Stands – Your floor jack will not support 100 percent of your vehicle’s weight. It is necessary to utilize jack stands, particularly if you are using the hydraulic jack. Components of hydraulic-supported mechanical tools tend to wear over time.

Once the mechanism of a floor jack fails to lift your car, it will slowly cause your vehicle to descend. This may be a safe situation for people at first look, but it will never be. If there is a person underneath the car, he or she will still lack agility or speed to get out.

By using the jack stands, you can keep your car raised. For safety, you will only commence your work once the stands are set up.

4) Work with Wheel Chocks – Besides the jack stands, it is also helpful to be 100 percent sure the vehicle is secured. The wheel chocks will keep the tires barred, avoiding the car from rolling.


Finding a heavy duty floor jack for your vehicles or heavy loads is now easier after having the list of top rated products and guidelines in selecting one. Conclusively, the Milestone Tools Powerline 380044 3-Ton Floor Jack is the winner of the round-up. There are more reasons to this than its best-selling recognition in the market.

It comes with a sturdy construction of steel and aluminum materials. Considering its construction, it remains lightweight, requiring less effort from the user. It also comes with components that other products lack, such as a lift arm, handle, and frame.

The product is also perfected to be versatile. It is not limited to high profile vehicles, but also for low profile ones. Even its weight capacity is at the standard level.

If you will match its specifications and features with its less costly value, Milestone Tools Powerline 380044 3-Ton Floor Jack shows to be worth every penny.

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