10 Best Performance Chips for Toyota Tundra 2024

Best Performance Chips for Toyota Tundra

Installing performance chips on your automobile is the cheapest option to improve the automobile’s performance. The Toyota Tundra remains one of the most potent SUVs on the market.

Tuning these automobiles will provide you with the optimum mileage and engine response. Overall, the customization is determined by how you want the motor to act.

A performance chip is also the most convenient technique to increase performance to the required level. There are also many different types of performance chips on the market. Various circuits are programmed into each unit, each of which tunes the car engine differently.

Today, we will take a look at some of the best performance chips for Toyota Tundra 2024 that have turned Toyota Tundras into absolute savages.

List of Best Performance Chips for Toyota Tundra 2024

1. Innovative Performance Chips

Innovative Performance Chips

Innovative performance chips brand is the greatest in all the performance chips available in the market.

The well-known company makes lots of new impressive tools to boost vehicle performance. However, this product is especially well-suited to Toyota Tundra variants.


  • Innovative performance chip provides horsepower up to +35 and +5 MPG fuel mileage.
  • This chip can enhance the torque, throttle, or acceleration rate and minimizes fuel consumption by the vehicle.
  • You can also keep a safety and fuel efficiency check on your vehicle by tracking the air: fuel ratio with the help of this performance chip.
  • It is easy to install, and no specialized person is required as it comes with instructions with pictures.
  • The performance chip will not alter any of your computer systems and is best suited for all varieties of Toyota Tundra.
  • The performance chip is highly durable and made of high-quality aluminum cells with thousands of tiny details built in them.
  • Innovative performance chips company offers a lifetime warranty and 100% money-back assurance.

2. Force Performance Chip

Force Performance Chip

Force Automotive Group is offering performance chips for everyone at a reasonable price with excellent quality. They have the performance chips of all the Toyota Tundra models from 3.4L to 5.7L.

They have built chips that are durable and easy to use.


  • This chip has the power to improve the horsepower, torque, and throttle response and increases the power of about +35HP safely.
  • The chip is simple to install and takes a minimum of 20 minutes to install without any help from a skilled technician.
  • However, this performance chip comes with a handy installation manual from which you can learn to install.
  • This chip keeps a strict balance between the air and fuel ratio and also maintains the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.
  • The performance chip does not interfere with the vehicle’s computer system and does not affect the vehicle in any perspective.
  • These performance chips do not have any emissions, and they are eco-friendly.
  • Force performance chips are of good quality and highly affordable, and the product quality control verifies them in the USA.
  • Force Automotive company offers a lifetime warranty and ensures that the chip is safe to use with the assistance of their technical expertise.

3. Pedal Commander-27

Pedal Commander-27

Pedal Commander Controllers are the way to go if you need a performance chip for improving the accelerating controls. It has worked with all variants from 2007 to the present.

The controller has been created specifically for a Toyota Tundra system. As a result, the engines of the vehicle will not be harmed.


  • Pedal Commander brand proposes a performance chip that will enhance the throttle response and acceleration rate.
  • This chip ceases the delays from the electronic gas pedal and improves the Tundras acceleration power.
  • This chip comes with 36 adjustable settings and can be easily switched to city, eco, sport, and sport+ mode.
  • You can adjust the settings according to your preferences, and this makes the chip the best selection for Toyota Tundra.
  • This performance chip helps you save money up to 20% on fuel economy, and it lowers the consumption of fuel usage.
  • The installation of this performance chip is way too easy, and you can install it in about 6 minutes with the help of Pedal Commander experts.
  • This chip does not invalidate your Toyota Tundra warranty.

4. PowerTune- High-Performance Tuner Chip

PowerTune- High-Performance Tuner Chip

Another cool product on the market is the PowerTune performance chip. With the help of smart technology, PowerTune has come up with a performance chip that increases the engine’s efficiency and torque. The chip is a perfect fit for the Tundra.

This performance chip is an excellent alternative for anyone trying to get the most horsepower out of their vehicle. It not only improves horsepower but also enhances throttle response.


  • The advanced technology used by PowerTune is the Dyno Tuner Technology which helps in improving the horsepower of the engine along with the torque.
  • It simply works by plugging in the OBD circuit of the vehicle, and it optimizes the fuel and air balance which improves the HP and torque.
  • The chip helps increase the throttle reaction, which results in a high acceleration rate.
  • You can install this performance chip within 5 minutes without the assistance of any technician.
  • PowerTune gives 100% satisfaction with the performance chip and also, money-back guarantee and claims to be risk-free.
  • The performance chip comes with a kit of modules and tools which has all the warranty terms on it.

5. Volo Performance Chip

Volo Performance Chip

Volo performance chip manufactures the chips specifically for the Toyota Tundra with good quality at a reasonable price. The concept of performance chip is compatible with most Toyota Tundra vehicles.

The advanced technology chip maximizes the vehicle horsepower while also increasing torque. You will have the best driving comfort with this performance chip installed in your vehicle. It facilitates flawless functioning by putting such products into the vehicle.


  • This performance chip is a high-quality microprocessor that increases the horsepower and torque by +20HP and +4MPG, respectively.
  • These chips are so advanced that they offer ECU gains of expensive values at reasonable prices.
  • It can be installed easily with a mere attachment behind the OBD circuit without disturbing your vehicle’s wiring.
  • Volo performance chip reduces the delays in fuel uptake and optimizes fuel efficiency and mileage.
  • The chip does not alter any revolutions and speed limiters of your vehicle.
  • It works great with these models of Toyota Tundra, having 4.0L-5.7L engines.
  • This chip does not disturb the vehicle’s computer system and is emission-free.
  • Volo brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee and satisfaction for their consumers. Also, lifetime free Filmfare updates are available with this chip.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Performance Chips For Toyota Tundra 2024

It is difficult to make a decision when there are so many choices available. However, we have a guide that will help you select the optimal performance chip for your Toyota Tundra.

Before purchasing a performance chip, there are a few points to consider. These elements are listed below!

Tuning Style Preference

Performance Chips For Toyota Tundra

Tuning comes in a variety of forms. You must choose the type of tune you desire. The following are the most common tuning types:

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Increase in MPG
  • Increased throttle response time

Some performance chips enhance the vehicle’s horsepower, while others increase both the vehicle’s MPG and horsepower.

You can gain quicker and more effective performance by raising the vehicle’s horsepower. Increased horsepower also increases the vehicle’s accelerating rate.

As a result of these performance chips, signals reach the automobile more quickly than ever before, and the automobile performs better.

Chips for Diagnostic Scanner Performance


Are you seeking a program that analyses and reads problems in the Toyota Tundra’s software system? If such is the case, invest in a performance chip that includes a troubleshooting scanner.

A scanner is not included with most performance chips. Thus, if you require a scanner, it is essential to determine whether your chosen chip has the scanner or not.

Plug-and-Play Operations

The setup of a performance chip must be simple. The majority of performance chips are plug-and-play operations. These operations are simple to use and arrange.

All you have to do is plug the performance chip further in the vehicle’s OBD-II connector.

A difficult-to-install performance chip is a waste of time and effort. The chip would need to be installed by a technician. Similarly, an easy-to-install chip will not cause similar issues.

Compatible Design


Keep in mind that the performance chip you are buying is compatible with your vehicle model. It will be a complete waste of money to purchase a mismatched performance chip.


It would be best to think about the brand when purchasing a Toyota tundra performance chip online.

There are various brands supplied by multiple retailers, and it is necessary to be familiar with the brands provided by each dealer to get the best option. Apple products are frequently more costly than less well-known but high-quality alternatives.


Durability has a most important role in purchasing the performance chip for Toyota Tundra. The good thing is the durability of the chip the longer it will perform or operate, and you no need to invest money again on buying the performance chip within a short period.


Always consider the price of performance chips before buying, as investing too much in worthless products is a waste of money. If the chip follows all that is written above, then it is considered as value for money.


A Toyota tundra 4.7 operator is not the only way to get the best out of your vehicle’s efficiency. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your car functioning as seamlessly as possible.

You should not ever forget to have your car serviced regularly. You must maintain track of your fuel usage now that you have fitted the chip in your vehicle. You can rest assured that the fuel efficiency will be suitably served.

Examine your Toyota Tundra with various performance chips and calculate the results on your own. Multiple chips and programs will affect your Toyota Tundra in multiple ways, and you will undoubtedly acquire a high-performing chip.


Q1. How Can Your 5.7 Tundra Produce More Horsepower?

Ans. The engine revolutions determine a vehicle’s horsepower, although numerous elements influence engine revolutions. The first step you need to take is to repair the oil in your car and update existing fuel.

You can add an octane supplement if the motor does not seem clean. This will clean out your gasoline tank and ensure that there are no emissions or rust sludge inside.

Q2. How Effective Is a Performance Chip?

Ans. It is possible to use a performance chip. It is the only approach you will don’t even have to go via engine changes or look under the bonnet.

All you have to do now is plug the programmer into the OBD ii adapter, and you are ready to go. However, there are significant drawbacks to adopting performance chips.

Q3. What is the greatest Toyota Tundra tuner?

Ans. The decision to buy a great tuner may vary according to your demands for your automobile. One of the best tuners you can go for is the SCT Performance 40490, which features various custom settings.

If you want to try some new tunings on your automobile, this will be the finest tuner to use. This is an excellent machine with a screen and more complex options for viewing settings and keeping track of everything.

Q4. Could you even chip in a Toyota Tundra?

Ans. Yes, you can chip in the Tundra system easily. It is sometimes more promising than some other budget automobiles, as the fuel efficiency and performance gains will be significant.

Several performance chips require cutting and connecting wires to operate. However, all Toyota Tundra variants, old and new, have OBD II ports.

Q5. What Powers Toyota Tundra Performance Chips?

Ans. This is usually a major concern if you have a newer version of Tundra. Affixing a connection from the chip and putting it directly into the OBD port is how you start up the performance chip.

Inexpensive and temporary chips are not self-sufficient to generate power, so they rely on the 12V battery for energy, which is fine.