12 Best Tires for BMW 2024 – Non Run & Run Flat Tires

Best Tires for BMW In The Market

When you’re searching for the best tires for your BMW, what you pick is more important than it is for many other brands. That’s because a big reason why you’re buying a BMW is for their steering, ride, and handling, which tires play a critical role in.

BMW helps you pick tires by designating officially approved tires with a star logo in their size, but you don’t need to limit yourself to factory or dealer tires. To help, we’ve picked some of the best tires for your BMW, chosen to suit the different needs of different BMW models and use cases.

We’re sure you’ll find what you need here. In this article, we will discuss which is the best tire for bmw, non run flat tires or run flat tires.

Top Reviewed Tires

when buying tires for your BMW a question may come to your mind that which tires you should pick non run flat tires or run flat tires? Let us answer your questions.

5 Best Non Run Flat Tires for BMW Review

After a lot of studies, our automotive specialist has picked 5 Best Non Run Flat Tires for BMW. Also shared a complete buying guide with a short FAQ that will help you a lot in finding the best non-run flat tire for BMW.

1. Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season

Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season

Are you looking for a tire? Which can easily adjust to any weather conditions and be comfortable to move in any season? Then Pirelli P Zero Nero All Season is highly recommended for your BMW or any model vehicle. Its ultra-high performance is suitable for navigation in any weather.



Pirelli P Zero Nero tire is far ahead in terms of durability. It is made with high-quality, durable materials so that it can be balanced in an outstanding way on wet road and fuel efficiency. Also, the tire design is unique pattern, due to which it can run smoothly on any surface.

It also lasts for many years as it is made of a combination of durable rubber materials and more resistant materials.


The Pirelli P Zero Nero is an ultra-high-performance tire, which can operate in various conditions, including low temperature, dry, snow, and wet. Also, it can simply control at any moment. Many tires give a lot of noisy sounds while driving at speed, but the noise canceling system has been used in the Pirelli tire so that it moves without noise while driving.

User Experience

In terms of price, it is a great durable tire pick within the budget, it fits easily with the size of most vehicle models, and its installation process is much easier. As it is suitable for navigation in any season, you can easily drive in any inaccessible weather conditions.

The best advantage is that it does not vibrate while driving for a long time, which makes you feel much more comfortable. In the field of fast driving, the tires move in a very silent way; also, its grip is excellent, which can be balanced on dry and wet roads.

  • It fits according to tire size
  • Grips corners are great
  • Effective traction during wet, snow weather
  • Some user complains that they are now providing old stock


2. Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

Continental Extreme Contact DWS06

The Continental is the most popular tire brand in the markets, and the Extreme Contact DWS06 model is an all-season radial tire like our previous picks. One of its best advantages is its universal fit, which is why it fits in most BMW models.



Continental extreme contact DWS06 uses its cutting-edge SportPlus technology, as well as durable synthetic rubber and resistant materials, making it highly durable and lasting for many years even after driving under any conditions.


One of the best aspects of the Continental ultra-high-performance tire is that it uses X-Sipe technology, which helps you to do hard braking while driving on wet, snow, or iced roads.

Also, one of the best benefits of the Continental DWS06 is that it has a mileage limit of 50,000 miles and more, which is much higher than other regular tires. Also, the tire has a loading capacity of up to 1356 pounds. I think it is the best BMW run flat tyres alternatives.

User Experience

Many are looking for the best performance in wet traction grip and any weather; in this case, Continental’s tire is an excellent choice for them. It can be controlled in a perfect way when turning; also, the vibration is not felt in the cabin during slow driving, and you can drive on any road comfortably.

Also, another advantage is that it is perfect for relatively and smooth riding. Size and price range is the best choice for any vehicle or BMW owners.

  • Traction on wet, dry, and icy surfaces
  • Quality tires at a great price
  • X-Sipe technology
  • Universal Fit
  • Great weight capacity
  • Some users complain about their warranty issue.


3. Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 Radial Tire

Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 Radial Tire

When you are looking for tires that will give you better command over your BMW, you should definitely look at Goodyear’s Eagle RS-A2 radial tire model, which has an excellent tire pattern that makes it easy to navigate in any condition.



The Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 Radial Tire is also made of durable synthetic rubber materials like our previous selection, so it lasts for many years even after driving under any conditions. It also offers traction and precise cornering due to its asymmetric tread design. It is also made of resistant materials and is suitable for navigation in any weather conditions.


The Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 all-season tires can run smoothly in snow, rain, and ice conditions with excellent control. However, some features and benefits are the same, but its tire pattern has made it different from other models. It also has a load capacity of 1653 pounds, which has attracted a lot of us.

User Experience

The Goodyear Eagle tires are the universal size that matches most BMW model tires; one of its best benefits has attracted us a lot: it has rim protection, which protects the wheel from damage from the accidental curb while driving. This advantage makes it very different from our other picks, and it is also the best tire for super quiet and smooth riding.

  • Rim Protection
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Work great in dry and wet weather
  • Improve handling and offer stability
  • Need to improve the shipping process


4. Bridgestone Driveguard Run-Flat Passenger Tire

Bridgestone Driveguard Run-Flat Passenger Tire

Bridgestone is a great run flat tires brand in the BMW tires industry, and many are looking for the best run flat tires for BMW; now, this Bridgestone model is one of the excellent choices for them. It has many more advantages, including a quiet ride and confident handling.



The Bridgestone run flat tire has much better durability than other run flat tires. NanoPro tech rubber has used to make the tire, which has made it more powerful to carry the weight of vehicles even under zero pressure. After a tire puncture, it creates airflow in the tire, thus preventing any kind of friction and creating low-pressure mobility. It also has a 60000 miles mileage warranty which gives you a lot of peace of mind.



It is also ahead of other RFT tires in terms of performance, it can be handled smoothly, and it is pretty famous for quite a ride. One of the best advantages of Bridgestone is that if it is accidentally punctured while riding, then you can run up to 80 kilometers + in puncture condition. Moreover, its loading capacity is more than 1201 pounds.

User Experience

Bridgestone also attracted us a lot in terms of comfort, and it does not bounce or vibrate the tire during movement, which is why there is a lot of comfort in the car cabin. It is easy to navigate in any weather conditions. Its unique advantage is that its silica and special rubber polymer provide smooth driving in wet conditions and provide DriveGuard. It is also easy to place.

  • Excellent control when turning
  • Tires are quiet and comfortable
  • 60,000+ Mile Mileage Warranty
  • None


5. Pirelli CintuRato P7 Run Flat Radial Tire

Pirelli CintuRato P7 Run Flat Radial Tire

Another best run-flat tire model from The Pirelli tire brand is the CintuRato P7, which is an all-season tire like our other picks. However, one of the differences is that it has been specially developed, keeping in mind the driving condition of America’s various weather.



In terms of durability, Pirelli CintuRato will satisfy you a lot. It works great in any weather and lasts for many years. Also, since it is a run-flat tire, you can move a lot with ease even after a puncture.


Dry, wet, snow, or ice American In any weather, you can easily drive with complete control effortlessly. It also does not make a noise like other RFTs in the field of movement. It can also move comfortably in the field of drive without any bouncing.

User Experience

One of The Pirelli CintuRato P7 tires features and benefits is that it is built focusing on green performance. As a result, it provides safe performance on the one hand and environment friendly on the other. This tire also offers energy-efficient plus long-lasting performance for your BMW. It is also budget-friendly along with all other advantages.

  • It fits according to tire size
  • Tires are quiet and comfortable
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Budgets friendly
  • A lot of road noise from tires


5 Best Run Flat Tires For BMW Review

1. Bridgestone DriveGuard

Bridgestone DriveGuard

The DriveGuard all-season grand touring tire from Bridgestone is designed to give a safe and dependable driving experience. It has a range of up to 50 miles at 50 mph without the need for any tire pressure, which is usual for this vehicle.

In spite of being a grand-tourer, the DriveGuard is a surprisingly responsive vehicle. In addition, it provides exceptional traction in both dry and rainy environments. In spite of the thicker sidewalls, the ride quality is exceptional for a run-flat tire, and road noise is kept to an absolute minimum.

For H- V and T-Speed Rated models, an industry-leading 60,000-mile treadwear warranty is provided, while a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty is provided for W-Speed Rated models.

The DriveGuard’s only drawback is that it does not provide adequate snow traction.

  • Excellent dry and wet traction, as well as a comfortable ride
  • There is no noise.
  • Guaranteed treadwear for a long time
  • Snow traction has deteriorated.


2. Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP

Michelin Primacy MXM4 ZP

When compared to the DriveGuard, this tire provides somewhat better snow traction, so if you reside in an area with harsh winters, the Primacy MXM4 ZP is a better choice. The Michelin tire, on the other hand, provides a harsher ride. The noise is substantially identical to the previous one.

Road traction is outstanding in both dry and wet situations, thanks to the Primacy MXM4 ZP’s exceptional traction. Additionally, the response is exceptional. However, the treadwear warranty for H- and V-Speed Rated models is 55,000 miles, while the treadwear warranty for W-, Y-, and Z-Speed Rated models is 45,000 miles.

  • Excellent traction in both dry and rainy conditions
  • Extremely good snow performance
  • The disadvantages of roadway tranquility
  • The Bridgestone DriveGuard warranty is for a shorter period of time.


3. Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat

Goodyear Eagle LS-2 RunOnFlat

The Eagle LS-2 is a fantastic grand touring run-flat tire for BMW drivers who are searching for a little extra thrill in their driving. In dry conditions, the Goodyear competitor offers excellent cornering responsiveness as well as grip and traction. The tire contains biting edges for minimal snow traction, and it boasts one of the best wet performance ratings of any tire in its class.

On highways, the tire is really quiet, and it is comfortable on bumpy roads. It also does not come with a warranty on treadwear, which is regrettable in this day and age.

  • Exceptional traction is achieved.
  • In the rain, it’s fantastic.
  • It is both convenient and peaceful.


4. Michelin Latitude Tour HP ZP

Michelin Latitude Tour HP ZP

In addition to being an original equipment tire for BMW cars, the Michelin Latitude Tour HP ZP is a fantastic replacement tire.

This is an excellent touring tire in terms of handling. It’s swift, has high grip and traction, and brakes effectively, among other characteristics. The Michelin tire performs well in all weather conditions, including dry, rainy, and light snow.

The Latitude Tour, in contrast to other run-flat tires, is quiet and comfortable on the road. The treadwear warranty of 30,000 miles is sufficient.

  • Excellent traction and braking in both dry and wet conditions; a pleasant and tranquil environment
  • Comfortable and quiet
  • Works in light snow
  • There have been no reports.


5. Pirelli Scorpion Verde Run-Flat Tires

Pirelli Scorpion Verde Run-Flat Tires

In addition to being a touring tire, the Scorpion Verde has enough power to make driving enjoyable. It is currently the most responsive tire available for the BMW X1, X2, X3, X4, and X5.

When driving in both dry and rainy conditions, the Scorpion Verde provides excellent traction and braking performance. Light snow traction, on the other hand, is average. The Pirelli is quite comfortable and silent while traveling down the interstate. However, it does not come with any kind of warranty.

  • Extremely quick response time
  • Terrain traction and grip are important.
  • It is both convenient and peaceful.


Run-Flat Tires Vs Non Run Flat Tires

Regular tires or non run flat tires have many advantages over run flat tires. There are also many differences between these two types of tires. And below, we will briefly try to run flat tires vs non run flat tires.

Comfortable: Usually, when a run flat tire runs on a difficult road, it vibrates a lot in the cabin. When moving at a lower speed, the wheels start bouncing a lot. But non flat tires do not vibrate easily in the cabin of vehicles even after running on any road type. And move in a very comfortable way.

Noisy: Run flat tires seem noisy when running at speed, which can cause you a lot of annoying feelings. But a non run flat tire is not so noisy even after speeding. Some regular tires can move in a totally silent way.

Repairing: Normally, when there is any leakage, puncture, or damage in run-flat tires, it is very costly to repair. But the repair fee of a non run flat tire is much less.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a run-flat tire is much shorter than that of a regular tire. Most models of RFT are damaged after running less than 5000 miles and need to be replaced quickly. But a non run flat tire lasts for many years.

Costing: When a run-flat tire is replaced, a massive amount of maintenance fee. Also the price of the tire is very high. But the cost of the non-run flat tire, as well as a maintenance fee, is much less than that.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Tires for BMW.

Best BMW Tires Review

Buying great non-run flat tires is not an easy task; for this, you need to consider many more things like tire load capacity, tread pattern, durability. However, there is nothing to worry about in this case, the most important things we have mentioned below, which you must check before buying.


Usually, each car model of BMW has a different size tire, so to find the exact size tire of your BMW, you must take the help of the vehicle owner’s manuals or online size checker where you find the proper size of the tire of your car model from the database. 

You can also see its size on the side of your current tire. Then try to buy according to that size.


In the field of tire choosing, you must look at the durability aspect; in this case, you know the warranty and maintenance demands. Also, check whether the rubber materials of the tire are of high quality or not. Quality tires made of durable synthetic rubber that last a long time. Also, check if it is all season usable or not.


Many of us are unconcerned about this safety aspect when buying a tire. But you need to look at this aspect. To easily understand the safety aspect of your tire, you must follow a simple code called “Uniform Tire Quality Grade” (UTQG).

Having this code means that the tire you are buying has been made resistant to traction, treadwear, temperature. Which means your tire is much safer than other regular tires.


Some companies have a warranty with their tire so that if any kind of issue occurs within the specified time, then the user gets the solution. Also, based on the durability of many tires is guaranteed. So when buying your tire, try to consider the warranty aspect and get the warranty to be worth your investment easily.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

BMW Tires

Can I Use Non-Run-Flat Tires on My BMW?

Yes, you can. As an owner, you can use non-run flat tires by changing the factory run-flat tires in your BMW.

Are Run Flats Necessary on BMW?

Run flats are not necessary on BMW, and you can easily replace BMW run flat tires if you want. But here you have to find the perfect size tires.

Can You Replace BMW Run Flat Tires with Regular Tires?

Yes, you replace your BMW run flat tires with regular tires. However, in this case, you must find the regular tire according to the manufacturer’s requirement of your vehicle.

What are The Best Tires for BMW?

There are currently many popular tire brands available on the market, including Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, and Michelin tires. You can choose from these brands according to the tire size of your vehicles.

How Long Do BMW Run Flat Tires Last?

It is very challenging to give an accurate calculation, but some BMW’s run flat tires need to be replaced after 5000 miles and less, while some flat tires last 10000 to 50000 miles or 5 to 7 years and more. It also depends on how many miles you are driving each day.

Final Verdict

Are you ready to pick out your best tires for BMW? Here all tires are picked by analysis of the durability, performances, and benefits that can be run in all seasons. So that, we can confidently say that after you invest, you won’t be disappointed. So without wasting time, easily select the one you like, and let us know which one you like the most.

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