Best Tig Welder for Aluminum

best tig welder for home use

If you are interested in welding with the use of a best tig welder for aluminum, then you probably already have witnessed its good performance. How is it different from a normal welder? This device is used for joining different kinds of metals whether the metal is thin or thick. Their applications are more vast and versatile compared to ordinary welding machines.

TIG is a type of welding that operates on a non-consumable electrode made of Tungsten. It is a very hard metal with a high resistance to heat and extreme temperatures. It can withstand up to 6200 degrees Celsius without reaching a melted phase. This makes Tungsten the perfect material in guiding electrical current.

You should note that TIG welding is not that easy as you think. It requires skills from an experienced welder to carry out the task correctly. This article will provide you with the top brands of TIG welders in the market. Check out their features and decide which is best for you.

Best Tig Welder for Aluminum

1. Maxstar TIG Welder

The Maxstar TIG Welder is lighter than other brands in the market. It only weighs 13.5 lbs so you can still carry it around whenever you need to transfer it to a different place. This is the best TIG welder when it comes to portability because straps are included.

This TIG welder got almost perfect ratings from the customers because of its ability to deliver quality results. You can adjust the straps depending on the level of comfort that you prefer. In terms of its power, it can work on thick materials with ease. You can expect great results from this remarkable TIG welder.

You can make use of this TIG welder on stainless steel and other hard metals. It uses a stick in the form of electrodes to make it possible to cut through different kinds of metals. This welder will surely be effective in heavy-duty welding tasks. No wonder this is included in the list of best TIG welders in the market.

The Maxstar has a support for its welding activities. This is the reason why it can perfectly carry out tasks with accuracy and precision. This inverter TIG welder has been able to capture the market because of its outstanding welding capabilities. If you are looking for the best inverter TIG welder with a Multi-Portage Voltage, then this is the best option for you.

2. ESAB Thermal Arc W1003203

The Thermal Arc W1003203 is endorsed by many users because of its efficacy in home applications. This TIG welder can also be the best cheap TIG welder in the market, making it easy avail this device without hurting your pocket.

It is very easy to carry around because it weighs so light. Beginners can benefit from this welder, especially since the instructions for usage are simple. You can even utilize it without any assistance.

Small businesses can also make use of this welder. It can accomplish light to medium tasks without any problem. Weighing 9.7 pounds, the Thermal Arc W1003203 can produce 95 amperes of power which makes it possible to work on variety of welding jobs. The style of this welder is very compact, that is why it is perfect for home use.

There is a process switch in this device. It has an indicator light which shows showing the status of the welder and whether the machine is already overheating. This is indeed a very practical TIG welder to use. You have an option to manage it using the control knob.

If you are looking for a TIG welder for your DIY uses or business applications, then this is the perfect device for you. You will surely get the value of your money when you avail this TIG welder. You can check the reviews for added insight about this TIG welder.

3. LOTOS Technology TIG140

The Lotos TIG140 is considered as the best TIG welder because of its remarkable power and its ability to produce great welds. Other TIG welders in the market are usually offered in higher prices, and they are unaffordable but this welder has a reasonable price tag.

It has stick and lift features for added value. To make it safe, there is a protective case for the control buttons to avoid accidentally pushing it. It is easy to operate because it is built with simplicity.

Another thing that you will like with this TIG Welder is its updated version. There are added features and improvements in Lotos TIG140 that make it more powerful and efficient. An insulated-gate bipolar transistor is incorporated in this TIG welder that adds to its efficiency.

The design of this welder is improved and a cooling circuit is also included. This is used to prevent the machine from overheating during long hours of welding. This is one of its edges among other welders in the market. You get to use it for longer hours because it is not prone to overheating.

The ampere of this TIG welder is also increased from 85A to 100A. This is to ensure more efficiency and power when it comes to welding. Your job will surely finish faster with better results. People who used this product already stated their good feedback about this TIG welder.

4. AHP Alpha TIG AC DC

The AHP AlphaTIG is a TIG Welder that is also recommended by many users because of its efficacy and powerful performance. This welder can produce welding work outputs with outstanding quality. This is the best TIG welding machine because it is mainly used for industrial welding tasks.

This AC DC TIG stick can be used both by professionals and beginners. The instructions are just easy to understand, and there are no complicated instructions to follow. People who are just starting to learn welding will surely benefit from it. For professionals, this can be used for industrial tasks which include heavy-duty welding jobs.

The design of AHP AlphaTIG welder is conventional. There is a metal foot pedal for easier control when welding. It also helps in gaining stability while you work to produce precise welding results. It is also used to pinpoint the exact location for welding.

This is considered as the best welder for thick aluminum and other tough metals. It can also provide precise welding especially for materials with thinner gauge.

It is compatible for both AC and DC. This is the reason why it can be used for different kinds of tasks. It runs on 110 volts and 220 volts with a power of 200 amperes. This is powerful enough to handle medium to heavy duty tasks which makes it appropriate for industrial uses.

The power width modulation and IGB technology offer long hours of welding. You will surely be able to accomplish many tasks through the use of this TIG welder. The pulse features are all complete in this TIG welder. If you are searching for the best TIG welding machine for aluminum, then you have definitely found the right product.

5. Hobart 500551

The Hobart 500551 is a TIG welder which features simplicity. Even though it is created simple and it is cheap, you can rely on this to last for a longer period of time.

In terms of versatility, this TIG welder is a dual voltage machine. This is why it can deliver a really good performance in different welding jobs. The Hobart 500551 is ideal for automobile jobs and fabrications.

This lightweight inverter weighs 50 pounds and is portable. You can bring it anywhere you like especially if your job requires you to go to different places. Hobbyists who would like to try welding would find this machine easy to use. There are no complications when it comes to operating this welder.

Another good thing about this product is that it can shut down automatically if the machine already has a very high temperature. The purpose of that is to avoid overheating of the TIG welder. It is also used to maintain precise welding results.

This powerful TIG welder runs with 230 volts of fluctuating currents. It can be used to weld a variety of materials without any problem. You can weld mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel with the Hobart 500551. If you value simplicity, then Hobart 500551 TIG welder is for you.

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Best Tig Welder for Aluminum Buying Guide

Advantages of Using a TIG Welder

There are many advantages in using TIG welding for most DIY and industrial tasks. Indeed, these machines are really versatile because they can be used in different applications. The amperage of different brands also differs from one another. The important thing is that they are fit for a particular task.

TIG welders can manage or control the amperage to be used because it enables them to work with different materials. It prevents the damage of the material due to overheating. Another benefit of this control is the minimal distortion of the material.

It also helps in delivering excellent welding results. It is always better to take control of the TIG welder in order to avoid accidents and other injuries to the welder.

Another advantage that is well-noted is that there are no by-products left after using the TIG welder. Everything is utilized by the welder. Other ordinary welding machines cannot attain this perfection.

Last but not the least, the use of TIG welding machines can cost you less power compared to other welding machines. Even if the amperage is high, rest assured that your utility bills will not skyrocket.

Selecting Your TIG Welder

It is very advantageous to own a TIG welder. It can be used in DIY tasks even by beginners. If you have a business, TIG welders are indeed remarkable companions. The thing is, you need to know the factors you need to consider in choosing your own TIG welder.

1) Amperage – The amperage is where the power lies. Different TIG welders have different amperages. You should choose the one that best fits your tasks. If you are just working on light welding tasks, low ampere machines are enough to do the job; however, if you are inclined to do heavy-duty tasks, a high-ampere TIG welder is the most suitable.

You should note that the minimum ampere that you should avail is 5. Lower than 5 will not produce the desired results already.

2) Starting with low amperes – This process helps you in getting better control of the TIG welder Starting with a low ampere will fill the crater by the time you are done with your welding task. If you will start with higher ampere, there is a high chance of overheating.

3) AC and DC – For a variety of welding capabilities, it is recommended to choose an AC-DC inverter welding machine. This is very versatile in accommodating different voltages. This will allow you to work on different welding tasks.

4) Controls of the TIG welder – There are different controls that you can perform using a TIG welder. You can choose your welder in terms of the controls that you would like it to perform. The existence of push welds is one of the advantages of TIG welders.

5) Portability – It is better to avail a TIG welder that you can bring anywhere you like. Different brands offer different sizes of TIG welders. You can choose a model that is lightweight enough to be transferred from one place to another. There are also welders that have straps that you can use to carry it for your convenience.

Some welders work in different locations and portable TIG welders are very convenient for them. They can utilize it for their welding tasks.

6) East to Manage Operations – Simple is always better than complicated controls. It is more convenient to use a welding machine that features easy operations. It is easier to use and manage. You should note that beginners should make use of a welding machine that is easy to use.

Ampere regulators are advisable in order to have better control of the TIG welder. Some controls are advisable for professionals. There are other controls that can be utilized by beginners as well. You should be able to distinguish which controls are to be used in order to come up with a good welding experience.

7) The design of the TIG welder –Different TIG welders vary in style and design depending on their brand. Some of these machines have fans that are used to remove dust and other debris. Others have a cooling system to prevent overheating. It all depends on your preference.

8)TIG Torches – These torches are detachable. This is a good feature because it can work on varied surfaces. It will make your job more versatile.

9) Stick Welding availability – It is recommended to pick a TIG welder with stick welding features. The main reason is that it can be used in construction welds.

These features should be considered in selecting your TIG welder. It is important for you to consider them because the quality of your task will depend on the features integrated into the machine. It is advisable to choose user-friendly welders to avoid accidents and poor welding results. Choose the brand and model of the TIG welder according to your needs.


Indeed, TIG welders are very reliable when it comes to different welding tasks. They perform better than ordinary welding machines. They can produce accurate results as well. There are many good TIG welders in the market and they vary in size and capabilities.

Choose the right specifications for your needs to come up with a successful welding task. You can check the TIG welder reviews online for added insights about these remarkable machines. These can help you in deciding which one to use.

If you are planning to buy your TIG welder, make sure to do your research first before you avail it. These are considered as good investments.

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