Best Plasma Cutter for The Money

best plasma cutter for cnc

Plasma cutters are metal cutting devices that make use of gas blown from the nozzle at top speed. The electrical arc is applied to the gas in order to make plasma for the cutting mechanism in the form of a hot torch. This torch is the one responsible for the cutting.

There are different brands of plasma cutters in the market today. They differ in specifications and features. If you want to know more about plasma cutters, then this article is just for you. Read the reviews of the best plasma cutters in the market and find the best one for you.

Best Plasma Cutter for The Money

1. Lotos LT5000D

The Lotos LT5000D is considered as the best plasma cutter by most of its consumers. This is portable so you can bring it with you wherever you go. It is operated with the use of an air compressor for cutting through different types of metals. It can be used effectively on steel alloy, copper, and aluminum.

You don’t need to make the torch touch the metal in order for it to make a cut. This is the reason why this is a preferred cutting tool for painted materials because it will not damage the masterpiece while cutting.  It has a MOSFET transistor which can produce a consistent output.  This makes it possible to cut through thin materials as well.

If you are on a tight budget, the Lotos LT5000D is the right device for you because it is sold with a reasonable price tag.  You will definitely love this because it is a cheap plasma cutter with remarkable capabilities.  You will not find any device in its league that has the same capabilities like the Lotos LT5000D.

There are many people who are using this plasma cutter. They are satisfied with its performance especially its cutting mechanism. In case you need to change a part of this machine, you can easily find a replacement in online stores as well as in local stores.  You can rely on this product for long-term use.

2. Lotos LTP5000D

Another plasma cutter innovation from Lotos is the LTP5000D. This plasma cutter is equipped with ultimate portability and efficiency in cutting which makes it a top choice for most of the users. This cutting tool is very versatile as well since you can use it to cut different kinds of metal which include steel alloy and stainless steel.

The cutting tool is very portable because of its compact design. It is also very durable due to the toughness of its materials. The exterior is very sturdy, making it really safe for different heavy-duty tasks. It is also not prone to premature wear due to frequent use and length of service. This Lotos plasma cutter is available in red color.

The Lotos LTP5000D features safe cutting mechanism similar to all Lotos plasma cutters. You don’t need to waste your time in assembling the parts because it is easy to use.  If you avail this cutting tool, you get to have a user manual which contains all the instructions in using this plasma cutter. You will also like the fact that is the manual is very easy to understand.

In terms of its cutting efficiency, it is highly recommended because of the variety of cutting features it has. In cutting thick metals, the MOSFET transistor makes it possible for this plasma cutter to cut through the metal easily. The power output is enough to make this cutting mechanism work efficiently. It is also applicable for thin metals.

If you are looking for a plasma cutter that will allow you to work on different materials, the Lotos LTP5000D is the cutter that you should be looking for. It will surely give you much versatility in all cutting tasks that you need to do.

3. Ramsond Cut 50DX

The Ramsond Cut 50DX functions as a dual voltage inverter. You can convert from 110 volts to 220 volts depending on your current needs. It comes with a pressure gauge together with a digital display. This allows you to detect if you are using it correctly or not.  It also shows if there is a proper application of pressure.

The Ramsond Cut 50DX has the ability to cut up to ¾ inches without any problem. This makes this plasma cutter able to tolerate the thickness of metals even though it is so portable. This can be the best digital plasma cutter in the market among its league.

This cutter can even work through newly sharpened scissors without any difficulty. If you need to cut thinner metals like aluminum, you can also use the Ramson Cut 50DX.

You will notice that there is no resistance while you cut the materials. This means that the cutter is effectively cutting through the metal with minimal effort.  This is perfect for people who cannot cut precisely because of unsteady hands Professionals also opt to use this plasma cutter because of its versatility and ease of use. The price is also competitive. It is sold in such an affordable price that will surely be within your budget.

4. Hobart 500548

The Hobart 500548 is a plasma cutter equipped with advance technology and unique design integrated in one machine. It has the ability to cut a variety of materials no matter how thick or thin it is. You will witness how the latest technology works on its cutting mechanism. This makes this tool one of the best plasma cutters in the market.

You must remember that this plasma cutter is extremely powerful, that it can mess up with the smoothness of the steel. It can also damage your clothes while working. You should remember to maintain the coolness of the tip or the nozzle. The melted oil should also be away from it in order to prevent getting messy.

Since this is very powerful cutter, you must remember to use it as appropriately as possible to prolong its life. The Hobart 500548 is definitely a good investment for your private and industrial work. Users should be able to maintain it by following the tips and cautions in the user manual.

This plasma cutter can produce clean cuts no matter what material or metal you are working on. You will be amazed to know that it can work perfectly fine even if the metal is already rusty. You can also save money with its inverter-based design. You cannot find a plasma cutter in the market which has this kind of design.

Hobart 500548 uses an integrated technology that makes this plasma cutter time-savvy. The torch tip can work on different metals without much effort and resistance. This doubles up the productivity rate of your task. The effectiveness of this cutting tool can be witnessed in cutting thin metals sheets.

If you are looking for a plasma cutter to make straight cuts like a professional, then the Hobart 500548 is the right product. It has an economical cutting system that will surely be indispensable in your cutting needs.

5. Hobart Airforce 500534

The Hobart Airforce 500534 has been considered as the best plasma cutter according to majority of the users. The reason behind this is its versatility. The tool has the capacity to do several tasks that other leading brands cannot do.

Professionals include this plasma cutter in their list because of its sophistication. Actually, even newbies can also maximize this plasma cutter. The instructions are very simple to follow so you will surely adapt with it over time. Within just minutes, you would be able to make this cutting tool operate. All you need to do is to connect the parts and you’re ready to go.

The versatility of the Hobart Airforce 500534 is remarkable and incomparable. The hose of this is longer than ordinary ones. This simply means that you can use this plasma cutter even for hard-to-reach areas. This feature provides flexibility in most of your cutting tasks because hard-to-access areas are no longer an issue.

Another feature that you will like in this plasma cutter is its lightweight style. It will not be hard to work for extended hours because the cutter is very light to carry. Your hand and arms won’t get strained. You can even bring it to different places by hand.

Plasma Cutter for The Money Buying Guide

There are different materials that can be cut by plasma cutters. In fact, they are mostly conductive materials like aluminum and steel. All of them need to be cut in a refined way for industrial jobs. They need to be properly cut as well prior to welding.  In order to achieve the best cut, you need to get hold of a good plasma cutter. Distinguish first what kind of material you have and the cutting process it needs before selecting the best plasma cutter for your needs.

  • Using High Frequency for Cutting – This kind of technique is done for heavy-duty plasma cutting jobs. This process is quite complicated. The best tool to use in this situation is a plasma cutter with a sensitive torch nozzle. It has the ability to cut through thick metals with its high temperature. Of course, you need to remember that thicker materials are harder to cut and may take some time to finish cutting.

In this sense, picking a good plasma cutter is highly recommended to produce high precision cuts with different materials. This technique eliminates the possibility of ending up with a loose end finish due to its precision.

  • Using Blow Back Plasma Cutting – This kind of plasma cutting is the simplest technique that you can learn. It is widely used because it incurs a lower cost compared to high-frequency cutting. This is done by letting the object come in contact with the nozzle of the plasma cutter. Remember that you should feel its lightness on your hand if you want to be good in this technique.

Advantages of Cutting Using Plasma Cutter

Imagine if you need to cut thick metal sheets with the use of manual cutters. It’s surely a very tedious and time-consuming job. Plasma cutters can outdate the manual techniques through its highly advanced cutting mechanism. These tools can bring about innovation and perfection in the industry.

Plasma cutters can boost productivity and success rate in most of the industrial jobs like metal cutting. Some people thought that these materials always come with a super expensive price tag. What you don’t realize is that there are cheap plasma cutters in the market with top notch performance. You just need to be patient in searching.

For most businesses in this field, the ROI can be easily achieved through the utilization of plasma cutters. There are cost-effective tools and they can double the productivity because of the speed in cutting metals. All kinds of metals are just a piece of cake for plasma cutters. Your task is to identify the right plasma cutter for your need.

How to Choose the Best Plasma Cutter for The Money

You have learned the different specifications of some of the leading plasma cutters in the market. The next important step to do is to know the considerations in choosing the best plasma cutter that would fit your requirement. Read the list of things that you need to remember in deciding which one to buy.

  • Plasma cutters could either work on 110 volts or 220 volts. If you are not sure of the needed voltage, it is advisable to get the dual voltage plasma cutters. This type of cutter is very versatile.
  • The torch lid of the plasma cutter should be flawless and free from damage. This is where the cutting mechanism takes place. It is important to keep this part as maintained as possible because it has a big impact on the cutting mechanism of your plasma cutter.
  • Ask for a sample test before you buy the actual product. This ensures that the plasma cutter is free from defect. It will also help you in deciding if the specifications fit your need.
  • Check all the necessary knobs and controls of the plasma cutter. Make sure that everything is working fine. The controls should also be free from technical issues that may hamper the quality of your finished result.
  • Check the warranty period of the plasma cutter before you avail it. This should be a standard procedure for you to avoid problems in the future. Never purchase an electric appliance without a warranty.

Maintaining Your Plasma Cutter

You must remember that the plasma cutter comes with a price most of the time. It is important to know the proper maintenance for this cutting tool to extend its life. This is somehow a complicated electronic device that needs proper care and maintenance. You should regularly clean it from dust and other debris to prevent them from clogging the hose.

It is recommended to buy a blower to effectively blow the dirt away. You can also use it to blow the dust away from the plasma cutter. The hose should be free from any distortion to ensure that it will work properly. It is advisable for you to check the hosepipe every now and then for maintenance purposes.

Safety Tips

Plasma cutters are highly risky tools if not used properly and appropriately. It is important to observe precautionary measures to avoid accidents and other errors in handling it.

  • Be careful with electronic shocks. Plasma cutters are electronic devices.
  • It is important to note that the nozzle produces fire in order to carry out the cutting mechanism. Never point it to anyone, not even yourself.
  • Connect the wire of the plasma cutter only on the main power. Circuit breakers are important in this sense.


You can find the best plasma cutters in most local stores and online platforms. Decide on which kind of plasma cutter to avail. You can opt to buy a cutter with inverter or none. There are many leading brands of plasma cutters in the market that offer many amazing features. These tools are indeed highly valuable.

The plasma cutter reviews mention the different experiences of users in using their chosen models. If you want to avail one, you can read the customer feedback to help you in deciding which one fits your needs.

This cutting tool will continue to be innovating the industrial world with its many functions and capabilities.

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