DEWALT DWMT73804 Mechanic Tool Set Review

dewalt mechanics tool set

Dewalt gained popularity in the global market because of its high quality products, and one of those great creations is the Dewalt Socket Set. One of the main features of this mechanical tool set is the knurl rings that make it easier to grip and hold. This is incomparable to others in the market because it has the capacity to outsell them due to this feature.

The ratchets are rather heavier in weight; it is still among the best options for professional and beginner use. This tool set comes with a very hard case that gives ample protection to the tool inside. You can see that the arrangement is done in an orderly manner. Aside from this, the tools included in the kit are made with laser markings, showing the appropriate sizes, even if it has been used for quite a long time already.

DEWALT DWMT73804 Mechanic Tool Set Review

72-Tooth Ratcheting Action

This feature of the Dewalt Socket Set allows a smooth turn for the sockets. You can see that there will be no difficulty in this mechanism because the of the 72-tooth ratchet. This is indeed considered as a fine tooth for most of medium to heavy applications. The ratchet effectively attaches to the socket and makes it possible to turn the bolts and nuts without any problem.

This Dewalt ratchet drive is forged from high quality steel. This ensures that it will be able to handle most of the projects. The 72-tooth ratchet has the ability to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts efficiently. You will appreciate its ratcheting mechanism because it has the ability to re-position its handle for another turn without any problem at all.

5-Degree Arc Swing

This set features a 5-degree arc swing that allows it to maneuver in hard-to-reach areas. This function gives it much versatility to work on different kinds of task and applications. It will surely give you high torque and ratcheting mechanism. The number of the arc tooth is the main determinant of the arc swing degree. In this case, it contains 72 teeth.

It features several positions and can be set for full rotation. This is the reason why it can turn fasteners effectively. You will appreciate this socket set because it makes it possible to swing in tight and small spaces. This makes it one step ahead among the rest in the market.

Dewalt Socket Set Features and Specifications

  • Large Case with a Removable molded case – the case of this socket set has dual protection. Aside from the case itself, you can find a molded case where the tools are securely fastened.
  • Stackable Cases – this is meant for ease of carrying and transferring to different places.
  • 5-Degree Arc Swing for greater accessibility especially in restricted places
  • Slim head feature for flexibility and maneuver

Dewalt Socket Set Reviews

We will give the item with an outstanding rating of 9 out of 10 because of its remarkable featured and performance. Many users agree that this is indeed one of the best in the market. Dewalt has done it again. They have conquered the market with this conventional tool set.

The consumers of this product are very satisfied with its inclusions. They have mentioned that the tools included range from small to large sizes. Its versatility is indeed phenomenal. Moreover, the tools have slim head for greater flexibility. Other users commended it for its efficiency in mounting heavy duty devices.

Projects like day-today mechanic tasks are done effectively through its utilization. The quality of these tools are very something to boast about. Users are able to use it for most of their heavy duty mechanic tasks that is why they aren’t thinking twice in endorsing it.

The most important factor in is its longevity factor. Many of the users noted that they are to make use of this tool set for more than 4 years. This aspect is very important in deciding to avail an item or not.

Things to Improve

The Dewalt Socket Set is considered as a must-have tool set. Although the price is exceptionally more expensive than the other mechanical tool set in the market, it is still one of the best recommendations. One feedback from a user of this tool set noted that the stackable case should be maximized. She mentioned that a lot of spaces are wasted. It would have been better if they have made the case fit for the quantity of tools placed on it.


The Dewalt Socket Set is one of the best things that you could give to your father or husband. Men dream of owning the perfect tool set for their use. This socket set contains everything that they’ll need from mounting equipment to automobile repairs.