Best Pass Through Socket Sets In The Market 2024

Best Pass Through Socket Sets

If you’re a pro vehicle enthusiast, surely you would often need a toolset to do things with your beasts. With a regular ratchet, you would face difficulty with your task. There comes the pass-through socket sets. The best pass-through socket sets can make your mechanical job way easier than a regular ratchet. 

Installing or removing fasteners is as easy as pie with these sorts of tools. Therefore you can efficiently remove or install fasteners or nuts where a conventional ratchet takes too much effort and time. 

Finding a budget-friendly and durable pass-through socket set is difficult as there is tons of crap in the market. Therefore, I brought the best pass-through socket sets and their usefulness in this article. 

Editor’s Picks- Best Pass through Socket Sets

Comparison Table Pass through Socket Sets

Product NameMaterialSupported FastenerQuantity
Crescent X6 Standard – CX6PT20Alloy steelSquare, Rounded, Hex, 12 point, Spline, and E-Torx Hex20 pieces
Gearwrench 893823Alloy steelHex23 pieces
Channellock 39100Chrome Vanadium SteelHex16 pieces
GEAR RATCHET 8946Alloy steelHex46 pieces
CRAFTSMAN (CMMT12021)ChromeSquare, Rounded, Hex, 12 point, Spline, and E-Torx Hex83 pieces
SATA ST09134SJPlasticHex21 pieces
Bahco S530T Pass-Through Socket SetPlasticHex and ‎Fixed Square54 pieces
KING 13-PC Pass-Through Spline Socket SetStainless Steel12 Point, 6-Point, 6 Point Partially Rounded, 4 Point, External Star, and Spline13 pieces

Best Pass Through Socket Sets Reviewed

1. Crescent X6 Standard – CX6PT20

If you are looking for a handy pass-through socket set, count Crescent X6 as your first choice. It covers all the 6 different types of fasteners and bolts that possibly could be on your car or truck. Besides, the alloy steel material is 40% stronger and 50% thinner than the regular ratchets. 

The pass of the handle sockets makes them very useful in multiple applications. They work great for changing any type of bolts or fastener. 

Key Features:


This pass-through socket is 50% thinner than standard ratchets. So it is perfect for reaching out to the critical positions where a standard ratchet can’t. 


It is more potent than standard ratchets due to its alloy steel material.


Weight is a crucial factor when you need to work for hours. Crescent X6 brand here upholds its goodwill. The item weight is just 680 grams. 

Dual measurement option

This 20-piece pass-through socket set tool comes with SAE & Metric measurement system. So in any situation, it will be handy to fix socket issues. 

Versatile fasteners

This different socket set provides you with six types of fasteners. It will save your time and money to look for other socket sizes. It also eliminates deep sockets usage.  

Ideal for long threaded rod tasks

This toolset efficiently follows a pass-through system over a long threaded rod. Generally, traditional ratchets and sockets can not fulfill this challenge.

Laser-etched size

Recognizing the correct tool size is crucial during an emergency. This tool with a laser-etched size option makes it fast and easy. 


Crescent X6 pass-through socket ensures lifetime warranty. 


It comes with a case that is good for storage. There are locations for the sockets and ratchets with a snap-in piece to hold them in place. However, it is not an enclosed case.

2. GEARWRENCH Pass-Thru Mechanics Tool Set, SAE/Metric – 893823

Gearwrench  has 17 different sockets to fit in. GearWrench 893823 17 Piece Pass-Thru SAE/Metric Mechanics Tool Set delivers both high quality and value in a fully finished If you’re looking for a convenient toolset for your critical mechanic stuff, then it is your aid. Besides, it comes with a very handy grip that will help you to reach even small corners.

The ratchets are available in both SAE and metric sizes making it convenient to use on all types of motors, cars, trucks and boats.

The ratchets are durable and ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue while providing maximum comfort for the user.

It makes some jobs much easier and faster, like removing the front left shock on a Ford Van. Generally, this is an ideal setting for the DIY mechanic that needs pass-through sockets on a regular basis. It is packaged in a sturdy blow molded carrying case with transparent lid cover.


Comfortable grip handle

Gearwrench 893823 comes with a pretty comfortable grip handle that ensures you better working flexibility. 

Locking heads

It offers 11 locking head positions with outstanding quality. The ratcheting handles have ergonomic knurled grips for extra grip and comfort. Pass-through box allows to store your wrenches on a pegboard.

Organized Case

For your convenience, Gearwrench provides an awesome mold case. You can easily carry and organize all the tools inside it. 

3. Channellock 39100 Ultra Access Socket Set

The Channellock 39100 Ultra Access Socket Set includes a complete socket wrench that fits into any toolbox or glove compartment and can be used with any extension.

Channellock Pass-Through is precisely the toolset you can use to accomplish automotive jobs from struts to control arms replacement.

The high transmission power of the 39100 Ultra Access Socket Set enables users to quickly tighten or loosen bolts and nuts which allows a quick turnaround.

In addition, this set has an extreme locking feature. It comes with an extension and 3/8″ adapter if you need access in critical corners.

It’s ideal for high torque applications like lug nuts, suspension bolts, fasteners at hard-to-reach angles and more.


Durable Material & Excellent Finish

Channellock 39100 is made with Chrome Vanadium Steel that ensures extreme durability. Besides, the finish material is Chrome/Nickel that keeps the shape extraordinary. The socket set features a slim profile handle that is specifically designed for easy access into tight areas.

Head Position Style

The head position of the tool is hex. The sockets will fit well when using them because of the comfort-bend hex ratchets that they come with.

Versatile Sizes

The toolset has 13 sockets that support 47 different sizes of fasteners or bolts. It includes 8-point sockets, 12-point sockets, combination wrenches, hex keys, T-handle hex keys, SAE/metric adaptor, universal joint and more.

Comfortable Socket Extension

It makes sure you can access deep inside of any corner with an extraordinary socket extension.

4. GEAR RATCHET SAE/Metric – 8946

This GEARWRENCH kit avoids carrying a deep socket, and it has almost all sizes. This Gear Wrench set combines professional grade performance and durability that’s ideal both for home garages and the pro work truck.

The versatile 8946 Ratcheting Wrench is an extremely well-built, heavy duty ratchet. It features a comfortable, six position cushioned grip and reversible, double cut polished chrome vanadium steel construction.

Its smoothly contoured, super strong finish allows ample torque and gripping power without hindering it’s ability to be used for long periods of time.

The unique “open-end” gear allows for easy use in tight spaces where traditional open-box wrenches cannot fit.

  It’s a very compact, smooth, and well-built pass-through socket sets. It has different range sizes, including 10mm up to 32mm. So, it will allow you to use them as per your requirement.

Key Features


The material of this strong toolset is alloy steel. Its polished finishing protects the toolset from rust for a long, long time.

Head Style

The headset comes in hex style.


The arc design of the GEAR RATCHET 8946 is pretty compact. You can efficiently work with the compact gripping facility. Ratchet mechanism has 5 degrees of movement to the right and 15 degrees of movement to the left.

Much stronger & Thinner

The standard Ratchet is much less strong than this pass-through socket set. Also, its thinner design helps to reach the toughest corner easily. 

5. CRAFTSMAN 83-Piece (CMMT12021)

83-Piece Mechanics Tool Set is the ideal way to help you tackle those home projects that have been on your mind. With a wide range of essential, high quality tools it includes screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers and more, keeping up with your repairs just got easier.

The CRAFTSMAN mechanics tool set is a good set of tools for everyday use. It has standard and metric sizes for most all needs. Besides, solid and sturdy design helps a lot working in tough corners.

Twenty-seven unique sizes help you work without any trouble. Moreover, a lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind.

Key Features


Craftsman socket sets equipped with full polish chrome finish. Eventually, it ensures effective corrosion resistance.  Craftsman 83-piece Metal Mechanics Tool Set includes sockets, ratchets, extensions, universal joints, hex keys, wrenches, screwdrivers and more in a convenient molded case.

It comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case with a full-color printed photo of the tools inside. The handy, compact size makes it easy to transport in your vehicle.

Diverse tools

Eighty-three pieces of mechanical tool sets prove their versatility. The soft grip handle on each tool ensures a level of comfort and control you can expect from CRAFTSMAN tools.

ASME Specification

It fulfills ASME rules.

6. SATA 21-Piece Professional Pass-Thru ST09134SJ

SATA  ST09134SJ professional 21-piece pass-thru tool set is made of high-quality components and hand-made by skilled makers. Each piece is precision crafted so you can be assured of its high-quality performance and durability.

This set avoids carrying a deep socket in the short socket set, and it has your most used sizes for almost anything. The affordable price makes it more attractive to mechanics and DIYers. Hence, this socket set is great for a quick fix due to its versatility.

You can keep this case in your vehicle to use when needed as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Besides, it comes with a short extension and an even shorter one for smaller spaces. Overall, a good set for a reasonable price.


Versatile sizes

SATA ST09134SJvis one of the best pass-through socket sets that comes with 10 metric sizes and 7 SAE sizes.


The toolset includes a well-shaped 3 inches extension for better accuracy in removing or installing bolts. This set includes a wide range of sockets, screwdrivers and other SAE and Metric tools that allow you to handle jobs at home or jobs around the shop, quickly and safely.

Excellent Storage Set

Mind-Blowing Storage set will eliminate your stress of carrying and organizing. Though, the material of the case is plastic. 

Lifetime Warranty

That’s something extraordinary from SATA. The toolset has a limited lifetime warranty. If anything goes south, you can claim a warranty. 

7.  Bahco S530T Pass-Through Socket Set

If you are looking for the perfect combination of sockets at a low cost, Bahco S530T Pass-Through Socket Set would be perfect for you. The S530T Pass-Through Socket Set is ideal for working in tight areas and those where you also need to get a hex wrench because it comes with 13 Pass-Through Sockets, 10 Hex, 9 E-TORX, and many more sizes of Driver Adaptors.



Bahco S530T weighs only 4.4 pounds. Therefore, one can carry it anywhere with ease.

Diverse Sizes

It comes in 19 different sizes of the socket. It almost fits all the fasteners in the world. You can’t get any other pass-through socket sets with this diversity in this price range. 

All in one toolset

The toolset includes all the tools you would need for installing or removing any fastener such as Hex Drive, Head Ratchet, Extension Bar, Quick Release Adaptor. 

Comfortable Storage Case

Bahco S530T is one of the best pass-through socket sets for its comfortable storage case. You can easily carry and organize all the tools in the plastic case.

8. KING 13-PC Pass-Through Spline Socket Set

Our last kit is the King pass-through spline socket set. It is a complete package for households and various repair projects. If you need a professional yet affordable pass-through socket set, you can keep it in your consideration because it comes with proper ten-piece pass-through spline sockets. 

Moreover, it is perfect for both SAE and metric sizes. Besides, we can not ignore its 72 teeth that can handle grips sockets firmly. KING pass-through socket set can be perfect for any DIYer, homeowner, or small shop owner. It surely will be a good substitute for your garage tasks or an emergency kit on your car. 

Key Features:


Stainless Steel is quite unseen in this type of tool. However, KING offers stainless steel material at a budget-friendly price. 

Spline socket set

It’s a combination of 13 different spline sockets. 

Diversifiable Size

KING spline socket set capable of working with 6 different fasteners

Versatile 72 teeth

A total of 72 teeth comes with the toolset.

Nice Grip

It is one of my favorite pass-through socket sets for its comfortable grip. Your hand won’t hurt even after working for hours. 

Head style

The head style of the toolset is hex.

Storage Case

The storage case of the KIng Socket set is very compact and easy to carry. 


Hit the road with best pass-through socket sets listed review. Pass through socket sets give you all the sockets you need the most to conveniently fit in your tool pouch or toolbox. Pass through sockets deliver impressive ergonomics and one-handed ratcheting versatility while keeping the handle close to the working surface for maximum control.

If you are you tired of dull, worn out sockets from using the wrong socket sets then our five-piece pass through socket set can handle even the toughest jobs with ease. Pass-through sockets allow hard to reach applications with ease. A perfect addition to your electricians’ tool collection!