One of the most vital components of an automobile is its batteries. They are necessary because these perform the essential functions such as engine startup and power ignition. On occasions when the charging system of the car can’t haul the entire load, the car batteries become a power supply.

When the battery deteriorates, the car stops performing up to its optimum level. Automobile problems like unpredicted engine stoppages with slow cranks are typical signs that the batteries are in nasty shape and need replacing.

Below are some of the best car battery consumer reports which will help you decide on what to get depending on factors like climate, your car type, and its unique features.

Best Car Battery Consumer Reports Review

1. Optima 8040-218 Battery

This AGM type of battery is well known for its improved electrical consistency. If your vehicle comes with various accessories such as a high-performing AV system, running lights, hoists, and hydraulics, Optima 8040-218 battery provides other dealing which your vehicle demands. Optima can be the best car battery brand for tractors, forklifts, or even trucks.

Optima 8040-218 car battery comes with SpiralCell technology which uses a high-quality lead that results in little internal resistance. It effectually becomes faster to charge with spotless and excellent voltage features throughout discharge. The immovable plates give off an enhanced anti-vibration element that cuts the chance of active paste-shedding leading to a longer battery life.

Best car batteries should be able to withstand the most critical of climates. Raised level of self-discharging happens when the temperature is too high whereas the battery needs to work harder for an engine-start during colder climates.

Optima is the best car battery for cold weather because of its low self-discharge rate and for having the ability of immediately returning to its standard charging despite a long winter hiatus.

With a high reserve capacity of 98 minutes, the full-charged version of this battery can go on for more than an hour and a half to transport 25 amp power in a 26°C-environment. So does this mean that the amps in cold cranking are not sufficient to work by themselves? Not exactly.

While Cold Cranking Amps supplies power for a short time, the Reserve Capacity allows the car to be powered longer when problems requiring more time like broken serpentine belts arise.

It is but natural for a car owner to purchase a battery which has more reserve capacity. However, this decision isn’t necessarily correct as it is a lot costly and carries massive specifications (height, length, weight).


2. Odyssey PC680 Battery

Vehicles that come from the Powersports category require batteries which can put up with extreme vibrations. These constant throbbings are due to these vehicles’ usages in the waters, in difficult terrains, and challenging sheets and snow. ATVs, superlight aircraft, and snowmobiles are some models of Powersports vehicles.

Among these, battery brands like Odyssey come in as it is designed to look after your car’s power against extreme vibrations and shocks. The Odyssey is a brand who makes Duralast batteries in AGM design. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are originally made for military jet planes in the 80s.

Developed as batteries with long-lasting, harmless, and heavy-duty properties, they are special, unlike flooded lead-laced batteries. Odyssey also provides 400 cycles of power. This feature makes it an ideal choice for car owners who are looking for cells that last up to 3-10 years of use.

Odyssey PC680 batteries come with a combination of fiberglass mat dividers and polyesters which are high-absorbing. These components play a role in the even distribution of battery acid across the shells of active plates. Because it functions in a recombinant bond where the flow of oxygen joins through the dividers, it has an upgraded vibration-resistance quality.

Odyssey also takes pride in its slow-discharge feature. It is nothing like a flooded battery because it discharges gradually during times when the vehicle stays inactive for a long time. Known also to have high recharge effectiveness, Odyssey PC680 is a battery which can fully charge in as fast as 240 minutes.


3. XS Power D3400 High-Output Battery

If you are the type of car owner who likes to take things to an extreme level, racing cars might just be the thing for you. What is the best car battery trustworthy enough to pump up your race car? Well, XS Power D3400 might just do the job.

Whether your car requires 12-14V (12pounds) to 16V (30 pounds) batteries, XS Power is well-tested on both categories. Because a race car always needs to be fast, it demands sufficient power to operate the top-performing engines. XS Power D3400, another AGM-powered invention, uses a top form of energy-packed density technology which your race car only needs.

XS Power stocks up energy efficiently, so a supercapacitor isn’t necessary anymore. While supercapacitors seem to last an endless series of charging and discharging, they also have limitations. It can only store a small unit of energy in contrast to the best automotive battery, and the cost of producing capacitor materials is high.

While it is known as one of the most lethal causes of shortened battery lifespan, preventing extreme heat is imperative. When constantly exposing batteries to 41°C and above, their functions become lost and unretrievable. XS Power has an extraordinarily high tolerance for heat which cuts down the excess temperature to about 30%.

Other than race cars, vehicle owners who are obsessed with music and who have an installed car audio system can make good use of XS Power. It can provide energy for an automobile with 2500-3500 wattage audio sound system. It can also offer an additional power upgrade for a car plus it can serve as a substitute for standard batteries.

Dubbed as the best SUV battery in town, XS Power is not just for SUVs alone. With valves which are well-synchronized, it also comes sealed and a guarantee that it is leak-proof. With a voltage capacity of 12, it can also be an excellent choice for heavy-duty and sophisticated vehicles like trucks, backhoes, and motorboats.


4. Exide Edge FP-AGM24F Battery

This battery comes with SureLife Graphite Technology. It means that an enhanced graphite stabilizer is added and is guaranteed to make the most out of its energy capacity, lessening the possibility of battery failures and buys time to preserve its shelf-life as well.

When we look right into its specifications, we can see that Exide Edge FP-AGM24F battery has the perfect built. It has a 10.2 x 6.8 x 6.8 dimensions making it uncomplicated to install. This non-spilling AGM cell and a 45-pounder is neither heavy nor light completing the whole package we are looking for in a sturdy and reliable car battery.

It is designed to have a unique pressure emission system. This system aids the water bond reaction which lessens water loss for a reduced amount of evaporation resulting to nonessential battery withering. Particularized pressure regulators are installed in the battery to remove vapor movement that reduces power.

Sometimes, replacing your Original Equipment Manufacturer with this battery means you are setting your vehicle up for the harsh climate demands. One thing which good car battery brands have in common is their ability to produce weather-flexible products. Exide Edge has 710 CCA; just the right amount to work even in freezing or hottest temperatures.

Exide is just a baby in the automobile battery market. It hasn’t received much publicity yet unlike Optima and Odyssey. With its promise of lasting power, low-shorts chance, and temperature-friendly feature, it is set to hit a particular market at the end of 2017.

5. Kinetik HC1400-BLU Black lead_acid_battery

If you are looking for the best truck battery or one which can provide high-energy to cars with specific audio demands, Kinetic HC1400 BLU might be the one for you. Being branded as the most powerful battery for OE substitutions in Mitsubishi and Honda vehicles, it can supply over 180dB of power to your vehicle—enough to give your car’s sound system the jolt that it needs.

Kinetic is intended for harsh driving conditions but also works well for normal driving circumstances due to its low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR). It makes the Kinetic cells deliver higher amps in a faster mode and assures you less possibility of self-discharge.

Most batteries are advisable to be mounted at the most bottom part of the vehicle. Kinetic has a sealed and non-spillable plan which can be installed at all positions. Charging it however in an upside-down pose should be avoided at all costs because electrolytes might seep out from its protective vents.

If your automobile comes with an audio thrust, you have to look for something with a greater reserve capacity. This battery precisely serves as a car audio powerhouse. Always bear in mind that high-performing car sound systems always call for high-performing car batteries.

This brand also comes with more plates. The more plates a battery has, the greater power density and the higher amperes it carries. Kinetic, like Optima and Odyssey, has a tremendous vibration-resistance ability which prevents acid leaks, extreme shocks, and fast self-discharge from happening.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Car Battery for The Money

best car battery consumer reports

The kind of car battery you purchase is essential as some brands are well-performing than others regarding shelf-life, voltage, reserve capacity, amp hours, and cold cranking capacity. The type of car you have will also require a different kind of battery from other car classes. It is a must to buy one which will operate well with your automobile.

Many auto batteries are out to prove their claims as the best car battery brands, and it might get confusing to choose which is which. Just remember that you are looking for the basics:

  • The specifications the of battery,
  • Your car’s manufacturer requirements,
  • The cost of the battery (a higher price doesn’t always tantamount to a better quality),
  • The casing (the material that encloses it because it affects the shelf-life of the battery).

It is necessary for you to know the size of your car’s battery. Although most shops can give you information regarding the size which you have to get, there might still be a possibility of getting it wrong. Check your battery’s size using the car owner’s guide for sureness.

Although, even if it is stated earlier in this article that a pricey battery doesn’t always mean an excellent quality, avoid giving in to “too cheap” battery temptations. These are usually manufactured with undetected defects and will soon require a replacement in no time. Affordable battery brands are always the most expensive investments a car owner can have.


best budget car battery

Even the best auto batteries lose their potential to perform well when stalled for an extended period of time. Choose batteries which are newly produced. You can do this by making sure that it is not just sitting on the shelves for more than five months.

When it comes to performance, an ordinary car doesn’t always need high-performing batteries as this is not practical. In case yours is a car with a high-performing audio system or is accessorized with additional lights and power amps, then pick a battery which is designed to do the job. You can use the extra power to feed your car’s need for additional energy supply.

Another culprit to your car battery’s premature death is either a “too hot’ or “too cold” climate. Mostly, there are indications labeled on the batteries to help you decide on what to get. “South”-labeled batteries are designed to tolerate sweltering temperatures while “North”-marked ones can crank up even in the highest of temperatures.

If you drive terrains which are difficult to reach, your car’s battery plates usually deteriorate because of the extreme vibrations they undergo. In the worst of times, they even succumb to cracking. The top car batteries of today such as Optima, Odyssey, and Kinetic come with powerful coils which can withstand continuous vibrations.

Identifying the Best from the Rest

heavy duty Car Battery

An excellent car battery should have the following: L.A.W. R.M.H. This acronym stands for:

  • Warranty
  • Adequate CCA
  • Longevity
  • Reserve Capacity of Good Quality
  • Maintenance-free Layout
  • Handle

1) Longevity – An excellent battery should be able to outlast its warranty. Some battery brands claim of lasting 4-6 years while some last up to a decade. The safest thing to secure this is to ask around knowledgeable car owners or read car battery reviews which are unbiased and not prone to endorsing any brands.

2) Adequate CCA – CCA tells you how much energy your battery can store in harsh freezing weathers. The higher the CCA is, the easier your vehicle will start during cold days. Repeated cranking can do harm to your car’s machine.

3) Warranty – It is not favorable to settle for pre-loved batteries just because they are cheap; these can be hazardous. Your chance of having a warranty forfeits too. Choose brands which give you longer warranties or ones that offer compensation for unexpected battery death.

4) Reserve Capacity of Good Quality – Reserve capacity pertains to the fuel that keeps your vehicle going even when it’s not moving or if the machine is switched off. With reserve capacity, the lights can function without drying the batteries too fast. A longer reserve capacity doesn’t always mean a better choice though so check your car’s needs first before deciding.

5) Maintenance-free Layout – Older versions of auto batteries need water to function. Later versions possess a case which is totally sealed so you cannot access it at all. Choosing a maintenance-free battery won’t oblige you to check and pour water to your car battery every so often.

A car battery is not always maintenance-free even if it does not require constant check-ups. A responsible car owner should see to it that the connectors, ventilators, and other cables are free of rust, corrosion, and should always be clean. You can maintain the battery in its pure state by using a bottle brush and baking soda to eliminate the moldy materials on the terminals.

6) Handle – A carrying handle is tremendously useful in a car battery. Most batteries weigh an average of 40 pounds and above. If you are mounting it at the engine compartment, it pays to have a firm handle so you can lower it easier.

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Now that you have in mind the ideal things to consider before buying an auto battery, you are ready to take the world from the driver’s seat. You will begin to stop worrying that your car will stall at some point or it will cause you more trouble than convenience.

A high-performing battery will undeniably beat your vehicle’s traditional charging system, so it is wise to opt for one which endows your car with excellent features. Always remember like fitting a foot to a shoe, the battery should be compatible with the car you mounting it in. Otherwise, it will not be capable of carrying the whole power load which the automobile needs.

Making the ideal battery choice means that you are entirely aware of the benefits it may bring to your car in the future as it will help it perform up to its tip top shape. As you go along the way, you will be encountering endless problems which result from poor battery choices such as leaking, overheating, and corroding. When it comes to auto batteries, save yourself from potential hassles; don’t settle for less and start investing for the best.

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