Torque Wrench Vs Breaker Bar – Which One is Best? A Detailed Comparison

Many people are familiar with the torque wrench and breaker bar tools. The role of these two tools is to tighten and loosen the nuts and bolts properly; although their work is slightly similar, their features are very different.

Many beginners and professionals become confused and ask what is the difference between a breaker bar and a torque wrench? And which is the perfect choice for their work?

Well, no worries, I have created a detailed comparison guide of torque wrench vs breaker bar using these two tools and the difference between them, which will help you a lot in learning about the difference between these two tools.

Definition: What is Torque Wrench?

A torque wrench is a common tool used for any maintenance and repairing in the automotive industry. It is a great choice to use a tightness task. It provides specific measurements of torque on nuts and bolts to fasten it easily.

There are also many types of torque wrenches available, which are used to work in detail in various specific tasks. The torque wrench is very durable and easy to handle and provides specific torque.

Definition: What is a Breaker Bar?

Many people know the Breaker Bar as the Power Bar. It is especially used in unbolting tasks; it is also used to easily break extremely tight fasteners.

One of its special qualities is that it has a long non-ratcheting bar and can effortlessly produce a lot of torque and force. Besides, it is a very sturdy tool, which can be rotated in any direction, and it can be easily cleaned.

Torque Wrench Vs Breaker Bar Comparison

In this section, we will discuss the main differences between these two tools in detail so that you can easily understand which is the best choice for you in any field of work.

We Look at The Following Features:


If we compare the torque wrench vs conventional breaker bar in terms of cost, then we can see that the torque wrench is a bit more expensive than the price breaker bar. However, because the torque wrench has many features and detailed advantages, its price is a bit expensive; on the other hand, the breaker bar is a lot of budget-friendly picks.

Winner: Breaker Bar


If you ask me which of these two tools would be perfect for accurately measuring the nuts and bolts of a thing, then I would highly recommend you to take a torque wrench. The torque wrench is specially designed with a torque measurement mechanism, which makes it perfect for accurate torque to the nuts bolts of any machine.

On the other hand, there is no torque measurement mechanism in the breaker bar, so there is a possibility of over-tightening; as a result, it would be chances to be damaged the machine.

Winner: Torque Wrench

Tightening and Loosening

The torque wrench is specially designed to tighten the nuts and bolts properly. However, there are many who use it for loosening. It is wrong; never use a torque wrench to loosen nuts or bolts. It causes damage to the torque wrench after several uses.

In this case, your question may come, how do you loosen things up? The breaker bar is very effective for loosening, and its large handlebar helps a lot for easy bolts loosening. In addition, if measurements are not required in the torque field, you can also tighten with the help of a breaker bar, but it does not have a torque measuring mechanism, so you will not get accurate torque measurements.

Winner: Breaker Bar


Depending on your project, you will find many types of torque wrenches in the market. There are different types of wrenches, including digital wrench, click wrench, beam wrench so that torque wrench can be picked according to any type of project requirement.

On the other hand, there are no various options for the breaker bar. Due to which you will not get a different option of a breaker bar for your project.

Winner: Torque Wrench

Durability and Lifespan

The torque wrench and breaker bar are similar in terms of durability. The tools are made of durable steel, aluminum, and sturdy materials to provide high-strength torque for tightening and loosening. Also, the two tools last for a long time.

But one thing you must keep in mind is that if you want to get durable results and service for a long time, you must take care of the tools properly. And after use, clean them well and keep them in the box.

Winner: Draw

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can a torque wrench be used as a breaker bar?

The short answer is “No.” Torque wrench and breaker bar are two different tools designed for specific tasks, so you can’t use them as an alternative.

Is the breaker bar the same as the torque wrench?

The functionality of a breaker bar and a torque wrench is similar. But the two main differences between them are that the breaker bar does not have any kind of torque measuring mechanism, due to which it will not get accurate torque results, but the torque wrench has the measuring mechanism, so it is perfect for tightening. On the other hand, the torque wrench is not perfect for loosening, but the breaker bar is excellent for loosening.

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Conclusion: Who Wins the Battle? Which one is best?

Torque wrench vs breaker bar, the two tools are specifically perfect for different work areas. But in this case, depending on your work, you have to choose which one is actually perfect for you.

If you are only working on tightening nuts and bolts, no accurate measurements are required, the breaker bar is the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, if you have tightening work with accurate measurements, then a torque wrench is the perfect choice for you. However, in case of loosening, you will definitely need a breaker bar. Because we have already mentioned, if you go to do the work of loosening with the help of a torque wrench, then your torque wrench will be damaged.

We do not consider these two tools to be opposites or alternatives to each other, and these two tools are essential for the work of the automotive industry. So you can keep these two tools with you and use them as needed.