How To Wire a Winch With a Toggle Switch

How To Wire a Winch With a Toggle Switch

When controlling a winch, it is common practice to utilize a remote. When you first purchase a winch, it is equipped with a remote control. If you don’t want one, what do you do? You get tired of constantly plugging and unplugging the remote control every time you use a winch, don’t you? What if you need to use a winch but don’t want to get out of your vehicle? A winch toggle switch can be of use in this situation.

A winch toggle switch, as opposed to a remote control, is a mechanism that operates a winch. It can be put in the driver’s seat, allowing you to manage the winch while driving at the same time. This also eliminates the inconvenience of repeatedly plugging and unplugging the remote control unit. The winch is activated and deactivated via a switch located in the driver’s seat.

However, what is exactly the process of installing it into your vehicle? It is more cost effective to do it yourself rather than pay someone to do it for you. If you think it will be tough, don’t be concerned; our instructions will guide you through the process step by step. 

How To Wire a Winch With a Toggle Switch

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting to install the winch toggle switch to the winch. Due to the fact that you will be working with electrical wire, proceed with high caution.

Prior to the start of the Installation

  • Ensure that the ignition of the vehicle is off. Locate the toggle switch as well as the three wires that connect it. Be sure that the toggle switch is not functioning, and there is no power to it. 
  • Release the clutch on the winch.
  • Easy access can be gained by opening the hood or cowling as needed.
  • Disconnect one of the yellow or green spade connectors that included with the kit. Because wire splices are used instead of spade connectors, they are no longer required. 

Toggle Switch Installation

  • Tube Clamp-on handlebars should be placed where you want them.
  • Use the cap screw, locknut, flat washer, and shake-proof washer to mount the Toggle Switch housing to the Tube Clamp. Tighten securely.
  • Push the wires through the switch’s case as far as they will go.
  • Attach the Gasket for the Toggle Switch.
  • Connect the yellow wire to the top terminal of the toggle switch. Connect the red wire to the center terminal of the toggle switch. Connect the green wire to the bottom terminal of the toggle switch.
  • Insert the green, yellow, and red wires into their respective slots. Slide the loom to the back of the switch housing.
  • Simply snap the switch and the casing together.
  • Toggle the wire routing on and off. Reduce the height of the handlebars. Turn the handlebars all the way to the right or left.
  • Match the yellow, green, and red cables of the toggle switch to the corresponding wires attached to the toggle switch to complete the circuit.
  • Once you’ve done that, fold the place clip back over itself and snap it shut. Show your support for the colors green and red.

Finishing touches of the Installation

  • Check to see that the winch clutch is not engaged.
  • With the ignition turned off, turn the toggle switch to the “OUT” position. If the winch operates when the engine is turned off, the yellow, green, and red wires should be checked.
  • Hand-spool a few feet of cable with your hands. Set the winch clutch to the desired position.
  • Start the engine and press the toggle switch to “OUT” and the cable should spool out.
  • While the ignition is turned on, if the winch does not work, check the wiring and continuity between the yellow, green, and red wires from the toggle switch and the receiver wiring harness. If the wiring is good, the winch should operate. 
  • Avoid dragging wires across surfaces, since this could cause them to become damaged. Cable ties are used to secure wires. Remove any excess.

Note: The winch toggle switch you purchased may come in a variety of configurations, depending on the model you purchased.

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