Stanley STMT71654 Mechanical Tool Set Review

stanley mechanics tool set 145-piece

The Stanley STMT71654 is another mechanical tool set made by the famous Stanley brand. This particular brand is very famous because they offer high caliber and quality products like no other. The set contains a wide array of SAE drive tools and socket that you can surely use in performing typical repairs and DIY home tasks.

You will definitely love the tools in this kit because they are forged from high-quality steel for durability purposes. To make it really strong and presentable, they are polished with black nickel chrome. This feature makes it professional-looking, which is why this is perfect for professionals. Nonetheless, beginners can also fully utilize the benefits of this.

Stanley STMT71654 Mechanical Tool Set Review

Stanley’s Max Drive Design

One of the most promising features of the Stanley STMT71654 is its trademark design which is the Stanley’s Max Drive feature. This offers a reliable torque through the very unique radius corner. Stanley STMT71654 effective represents the moment force, and as a result, fulcrum is created. Since the design provides more torque, it means that it could deliver more power than the usual performance of some ordinary tools in the market.

The Max drive design also delivers better movement from a full stop. This will surely enable you to function more efficiently with more free movement as you make every turn on the bolts and nuts. Moreover, you will find turning on rounded corners very easy to do and faster to accomplish. This probably is one of the most indispensable features of this mechanical tool set. For added convenience, this feature will also allow you to tighten the bolts with no problem.

8 Combination Wrenches

You may not have heard about combination wrenches. Stanley STMT71654 has this particular feature for working on a broken nut. It will be hard to loosen it up if you are going to use an ordinary wrench. The 8-combination wrench will deal with this problem easier and faster.

You should determine first if the wrench is the right fit for the bolts and nuts in order to ensure efficacy and efficiency. If it is situated at the flat surface of the nuts, then you are definitely doing the right job. This feature also allows you to work without any hassle and difficulty. Aside from this, the feature makes it possible for the fastener to be protected from early wearing and damage. This is due to the lessened contact on the outer part of the fastener.

These features are really effective in reducing accidental slips while you work, making it possible for you to work with much efficiency and precision. It is advisable that your tools are easily gripped so that minor and major accidents can be prevented.

Stanley STMT71654 Features and Specifications

  • Quick-Release Ratchets in Different Sizes – It is available in three different sizes.
  • Black & Decker – Stanley
  • Stanley Max-Drive Technology – This increases the torque that results in greater force and performance.
  • Common and Deep Sockets – They are offered in different sizes.
  • Inclusion of 8-combination wrenches – These are used for loosening bolts and nuts.

Stanley STMT71654 Reviews

This mechanical set made by Stanley is rated 8 out of 9 because of its affordability and unique features. There are many mechanical tool sets in the market and the Stanley STMT71654 is one of the most affordable.

The ratchets have gained praises from most of the consumers because of its durable look. According to them, the ratchets look so classy with a touch of professionalism. No wonder many professionals purchase this tool set. Aside from this, the customers are very satisfied with the Max-Drive feature. They noted that it gives the tools much power and precision while being used.

This 201-piece version of tools has been used by many beginners. They expressed their commendations for this simple, yet wonderful mechanical tool set. One of the customers even noted that he is able to maximize the uses of this tool set in his automobile business.

Things to Improve

If there is one thing that should be improved in this mechanical tool set, then it would be the durability of the cover case. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the force exerted on it. Some users also noted that their delivered set has missing pieces. The manufacturer should see to it that the pieces are complete before they seal the case.


If you are looking for a mechanical tool set that is very affordable and durable, then the Stanley STMT71654 is the best fit for your needs. You will surely get the value of your money with this tool set.