Can I Save Money on BMW Maintenance?

bmw maintenance plan

If you own a BMW, you’d know how distinct and excellent its performance is on the road. This may be considered a luxury vehicle, but that does not mean that you can’t desire to save money on your BMW service. Thankfully, there are still some tips you can follow so you can follow to lower your expenses for maintaining and repairing the engine parts, body, suspension or brakes of your vehicle.

PurchaseThe BMW Parts Yourself

Not everyone is skilled mechanics who can do all the maintenance and repair work themselves. However, what you can do is to purchase the BMW parts yourself. You can save more money when you buy online. Just make sure that you purchase the components from a reputable online shop. There are suppliers who are known for providing top-quality OEM and aftermarket BMW parts. You can have your order delivered to your home.

Study Your BMW Manual

We know that your BMW manual is not an interesting read. However, even if you always get your BMW service from a technician, it would still pay to study the manual. Here, you will learn about the recommended maintenance timeframe for certain parts. There are tasks that should be done for preventative maintenance, including replacing your fuel and air filters, as well as changing the oil, among others.

You will discover when the manufacturer recommends you should perform such tasks. The key to avoiding costly repairs is to have the parts serviced before then deteriorate, get damaged or malfunction.

Find a Reputable and Reliable BMW Auto Shop and Stick With it

You can ask your relatives, friends or co-workers about the best auto shops in your area. It is also advisable to consider service centres that specialize in handling BMWs or European cars. You will learn that quality car repair shops typically have certified BMW technicians. It is true that they may charge more than regular auto shops, but you can be certain of the quality of service. It would take a while before you would need to have your BMW serviced again.

Properly Maintain your BMW to Avoid Expensive Repairs

There are maintenance services that are better left in the hands of a professional. However, there are still some tasks you can perform on your own. After all, you play an important role in keeping your BMW in tip-top shape. If you can perform these preventative maintenance tasks, you will be able to save money by avoiding costly repairs.

Always Clean your BMW

Regular cleaning your BMW’s interior and exterior can help keep its stunning looks. Aside from that, it can also keep your car performing at its best. There are delicate parts in your BMW that can be damaged by dirt and dust. Moreover, during the winter, ice, sand, road salt and slush can build up and cause damages on the surface of your car. So, no matter the season, have a regular schedule for thoroughly cleaning your BMW in and out.

Minimise Short Trips

If you keep on using your BMW for short errands and trips, the engine would not reach the ideal temperature for boiling away excess moisture. If the engine is not warmed up, it can cause unnecessary wear on your vehicle. Over time, the oil will thicken and have a tar-like consistency, affecting the engine’s performance. So, at least once a month, schedule a long drive using your BMW.

Protect your BMW from the Sun

The weather conditions in Australia can be harsh. So, make sure that when you’re not driving your BMW, keep it under the shade. The UV rays coming from the sun can damage your car’s body and its interior parts. If you do not have a shaded driveway or garage, then it would be best to buy a car cover. Find one that is padded so you can also protect your BMW from falling branches.

bmw maintenance plan

Polish your BMW Regularly

Many find car polishing a tedious task. However, it is essential in keeping your BMW looking shiny and new. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, waxing your BMW can also protect its body from the damage caused by bird droppings, tree sap and other elements. To save money, do this on your own instead of bringing your BMW to the carwash.

Drive Reasonably

Revving your engine and driving fast and furiously may give you an incredible rush. However, doing so can wear your BMW faster. Quickly accelerating and driving or stopping with a jerk can result in unusually frequent maintenance and more expensive repairs.

Using Clean Gas for your BMW

BMWs perform better when they are pumped with quality fuel. To keep your engine in good condition, it would be best to choose reputable gas stations. Not all stations have pump filters that they regularly replace. If you do not carefully choose where you pump your fuel, you might end up with a dirty gasoline that may quickly wear out your engine. Choose a trusted and well-known brand and stick with it.

If you notice that there’s a gasoline tanker filling up your station, look for another station or come back some other time. Newly pumped gas may stir up the sediment in the station’s underground tanks. If you’re BMW is pumped with gas mixed with sediment, the particles may clog up your fuel filters and injectors. This will eventually lead to poor engine performance and worse, failure.

Keep your Car Moist-Free

A lot of people are more concerned with keeping the body and the parts under the hood of their car in good condition. Most of them tend to overlook the importance of taking care of their BMW’s interior. It is worth noting that moisture can be one of the biggest issues that your car’s interior may encounter. Excess moisture can cause rusting and even damage your upholstery.

The affordable and short-term solution for this issue is dehumidifying with cat litter. It may sound like a ridiculous tip, but trust us; it will do wonders in keeping your car moist-free. Cat litter can quickly and efficiently absorb moisture. So, make sure you buy quality cat litter and place a tray on your car seat.

Even if you own an expensive car, you do not necessarily have to pay for costly repairs. Sometimes, the key is to keep your BMW in good condition and use it responsibly.