The DEWALT DWP611PK is a “tricked out” kind of combo router that allows you to hollow or rout out an area in the face of hard workpieces, usually of the plastic or wood variety. Its main application is woodworking—to be more specific, making cabinets. This plunging tool can even be utilized in an inverted fashion on a … Read more

PORTER-CABLE 7538 Speedmatic Plunge Router Review

The original form of the router is a hand tool or hand plane with a wide base and a narrow blade that projected well beyond its base plate for carving purposes. It carves out the wood or plastic in order to hollow it out while leaving an outer shell intact. Its appearance has also earned … Read more

Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit Review

The Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit has quite a lot going for it, starting with its 2.25 HP, its variable speed, its fixed and plunge bases that could be swapped depending on the work you’re doing, and its collets that are available as 0.25 and 0.5-inch variants. The Bosch 1617EVSPK can handle a wide range of applications involving … Read more

Bosch MRC23EVSK Variable Speed Router Pack Review

The Bosch MRC23EVSK Router Pack offers quite a lot in terms of plunge and fixed-base routing. In order to cover the widest range of jobs involving the routing of plastic and wood, the MRC23EVSK router pack has every “base” covered, so to speak. In particular, the router does its best when it comes to giving you control … Read more

DEWALT DW618B3 Plunge Base and Fixed Base Review

The DEWALT DW618B3 is a router you can depend on because it’s a DeWalt and its specs speak for itself. Even if you’re used to more Chinese-made “cheap but serviceable” tools (or especially because of it), you’ll definitely see the cost-effective value of adding a few more dollars into your purchase in order to avail of the … Read more

Best Wood Router for Beginners

Some people have described a wood router as the most versatile and useful piece of woodworking equipment you could ever have in a workshop. Whether you are a beginner cabinet maker, a keen do-it-yourself enthusiast, or a woodworking hobbyist, a good wood router will help you turn out professionally finished pieces of work, time after … Read more

Top 5 Best Tool Storage Systems of 2021

best toolbox wrench organizer

Looking for the best tool storage system for organizing all your tools? Well, though there are many options to store your tools but two of them are worth investing which are tool chest, and toolbox. These two are widely used, almost all professional handyman uses these since they offer plenty of spaces for storing. Apart … Read more