The DEWALT DWP611PK is a “tricked out” kind of combo router that allows you to hollow or rout out an area in the face of hard workpieces, usually of the plastic or wood variety. Its main application is woodworking—to be more specific, making cabinets. This plunging tool can even be utilized in an inverted fashion on a router table.

The DeWaltDWP611PK is a router you can count on because it can handle all sorts of jobs with a combination of overall performance, power, control, ease-of-use, and LEDs that serve as your mode of guidance when doing your routing or plunging work, including heavy flush trimming, large edge profiles, and small level bevel cuts for detailing purposes.

Power and Performance

For something so compact, the DEWALT DWP611PK really packs a punch. To be more specific, it has a beefy and meaty motor with 1.25 horsepower included. It’s also equipped with dual LED lights so that you can see what you’re doing better, leading to more detailed routing and ample illumination on the guides you’ve put on your plastic or wood workpiece. It’s like a professional boxer with its combination of power and accuracy thrown into the mix.

It also includes fixed and plunge bases but if you wish, you can avail of the version with just the fixed base included. The DeWalt DWP611PK is able to make the smoothest and most accurate routes when hollowing out work pieces exactly because it’s powerful and it won’t jerk around as it smoothly does its job every time.

Comfort and Convenience

You will not have comfort problems with DEWALT DWP611PK. You’ll get maximum operation visibility from the fixed base’s dual LEDs, for one thing. It’s comfortable because your vision isn’t obscured by routing. For another thing, the extended 0.25-inch collet offers a more widespread bit shaft contact compared to ordinary routers, making this more of a unique benefit you won’t find in the DeWaltDWP611PK router’s competitors.

This device allows you to have a firmer grip than most when doing your routing work, which is essential in making those detailed routing work for sculpting purposes. You’re also assured greater accuracy due to less vibration and a D-shaped sub-base that’s made for stability.

DEWALT DWP611PK Features & Specifications

  • Clear sub-base to see what you’re doing
  • Dual LED for maximum operation visibility
  • Motor is soft-starting to ensure immediate starts
  • Sub-base also ensures flatness for running edge profiles
  • Consistent cuts come from the consistent speed every time
  • Full-time electronic feedback for motor speed maintenance
  • Spindle lock greatly improves bit changes with its large button
  • Amazing durability and ruggedness no matter the application
  • Motor with 1.25 HP that can cut through the hardest of hardwoods
  • The speed range goes from 16,000 RPM to 27,000 RPM without load
  • Variable speed control that can change bit speed in accordance to usage
  • Large button can be actuated with the same hand that stabilizes your router
  • Adjustment ring controls bit depth and changes within 0.015 of an inch (for the fixed base version)


I mostly like the DEWALT DWP611PK because I can depend on it for consistent cutting and routing work every time. Whenever I’m in need of hollowing out a hardwood without having to manually cut, chip, and scoop up wood bits all throughout the night, I depend only on DeWalt products like the DWP611PKbecause I’m a big fan of their high-quality offerings.

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This router is clearly superior to its competitors because of its ability to accommodate circle-cutting work and dado-style routing projects wherein the quarter-inch shaft works best. This is why this router gets a 9.7 over 10 or two thumbs up in its sheer amount of benefits.

Things to Improve

When compared to other routers, while DeWalt DWP611PK is heads above heels better in many aspects, it falls short in others. At least one customer is complaining that this router has unknown durability, has inferior raised-dimple aluminum grips compared to rubber grips in terms of comfort (particularly if you have sweaty hands), and the lack of an offset base. Other aspects of the DeWalt router boil down to preference, though.

Some users prefer DeWalt’s canvas bag over the hard case found in other routers, but there are those who believe their device is better protected with something hard than something made of fabric and textile. Ditto when it comes to the DeWalt flat and stamped-steel wrench (which some users might find “cheesy”).


DeWalt DWP611PK is better in terms of easy-of-use, flexibility, accuracy, and precision but falls short in other issues like hand grip and the materials used for its case. It also has a plunge base that’s absent in order routers. It also has a superior smoothness that feels similar to many other top notch devices but offers less tension in light of its compact size and design.

The main claim to fame of the DeWalt DWP611PK is its smooth and outstanding plunge action, which offers the gold standard in precision and quick real-time adjustment. It’s definitely a boon for any skilled woodworker or craftsperson.

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