10 Best Leveling Kit for Tacoma 2024 – Give Your Toyota a Slight Lift

est Leveling Kit for Tacoma

When you buy a vehicle, you probably want it to appear precisely as per your preferences. Is there anything that no one wants? Yes, uneven suspension. Unfortunately, many vehicles are built with a slight front-end tilt as standard, and the simplest way to correct this is with a leveling kit.

We’re here to help if you don’t know much about lift kits or want recommendations. We’ve put together a list of some of our best leveling kits for Tacoma 2024 and even some suggestions for you at the conclusion, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Top Leveling Kit For Tacoma 2024

1. Rough Country 2″ Billet Red Leveling Kit

Best Leveling Kit for Tacoma

The Rough Country 2″ Tacoma Leveling Kit quickly and easily aligns the front of the Tacoma, providing an aggressive posture and sufficient ride height for up to 32″ tyres. At factory height, the back of the Tacoma truck is taller than the front, giving it a “nose-down” appearance. This easy-to-install system aligns your vehicle’s rear and acts for a better appearance and additional ride height. A set of good-quality, long-lasting Strut Spacers attaches directly on the strut and is easy to install in a garage at home using standard tools.


• From Rough Country, this product gives your Tacoma the ultimate combination of endurance, protection, and style.
• It boasts unrivaled ground clearance to overcome on- and off-road obstacles, and it rides smooth and OEM-like.
• It evens out the front and back of the car.
• It allows for simple installation at home and RC support.
• Installation does not necessitate strut disassembly or the use of a strut compressor.
• Rough Country’s lifetime warranty backs it up.

2. Supreme Suspensions – 3″ Front + 2″ Rear Lift Kit

Supreme Suspensions 1

The strut spacer lift kits in the Pro-Billet series are precisely constructed from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum before being powder-coated for a superior appearance. Due to its extraordinarily high power ratio and superior chemical tolerance to most other metals in the industry, billet aluminum is an excellent material for suspension applications. The rear raise kits come with high-quality components, including zinc-plated U-bolts that meet or exceed OEM standards. As a result, these components have been carefully engineered to raise and level your vehicle.


• It enhances your vehicle’s appearance and improves ground clearance, enabling you to install more giant aftermarket rims and tyres. You’re ready to show off your new and enhanced bike after a simple 2-4 hour installation process!
• It comes with a high-quality 16″ x 16″ Supreme Suspensions Black Microfiber Towel featuring short fibers on one side and long threads on the other, ideal for Job Cleanup and Fine Detailing.
• The factory ride quality is maintained in this product.
• The built-in taper effectively corrects the pinion angle.
• It increases the amount of space between the wheels and the ground.

3. ReadyLift Lift Kits

ReadyLift Lift Kits

Your Tacoma can be lifted 3″ at the front and 2″ in the back with the ReadyLift. It arrives in a well-reviewed package, so it might be the ideal addition if you want to put wider tyres on your Tacoma or make it come out. After installing the ReadyLift 69-5212, your Tacoma would be ready to take on larger tyres up to 33 x 11.5 inches. Your tire can be up to 8 inches wide with a backspacing of 5 inches. You get the right struts to ensure arm alignment with the steel extensions.


• It enables a 33 x 11.5 tyre on an 8″ wide rim with 5″ backspacing with minor inner fender liner cutting; 32.5″ tyres on an OEM or 5″ backspacing wheels should fit without any trimming.
•  Steel upper strut extensions are the most durable on the market, and they’re designed to line the strut with the control arm and upper frame mount appropriately.
• Two to three hours of skilled installation time is estimated. After installation, an alignment will be required.
• It comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing flaws.

4. 2″ Front Leveling Lift Kits for Tacoma

Front Leveling Lift Kits for Tacoma

This leveling system is compatible with Toyota Tacomas manufactured between 2005 and 2024 includes 4WD and 2WD variants, although it only supports 6-lug cars. It raises the front of your truck by 3 inches. The kit uses 10.9-grade strong bolts and is made of aircraft-grade billet aluminum. As a result, it will keep you safe even if you’re already riding in dangerous situations.


• It is simple to install because it takes only 1-2 hours and therefore no special tools are required.
• It is manufactured with quality materials, such as grade bolts, and a black anodized finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance. It will complement the appearance of your truck and give adequate ground balance.
• This leveling kit comes with a 2-year warranty and the assurance to contact the manufacturer with any problems and receive a prompt response within 24 hours.

5. 2″ Leveling lift kits Fit for Tacoma

Leveling lift kits Fit for Tacoma

This Leveling Lift Kit fits Tacoma 2WD and 4WD models from 2005 to 2024. Despite its frailty, the package lifts your car’s front end by 2 inches, and it’s only suitable with 6-lug vehicles. Because of the suspension geometry, the lift’s length and kit width are not equivalent, but the kit can be installed in 2 to 4 hours without professional tools.


• This leveling system will lift the front of your truck by 2 inches. The lift height to kit thickness ratio is not 1:1 due to suspension geometry. After installation, an alignment is almost always advised.
• Because the leveling kits are forged from aircraft-quality aluminum billet, 10.9 grade solid bolts, they ensure safe driving even in intense riding situations.
• Corrosion resistance is improved by powder coating black.
• It gives off an aggressive vibe. This leveling kit will give your Tacoma vehicle a more aggressive appearance while also providing additional ground clearance for wider tyres and rims.
• It’s also compatible with a variety of off-road vehicles.

6. 3″F + 2″R Full Leveling Kit Compatible with Tacoma

Full Leveling Kit Compatible with Tacoma

This lift kit provides the Toyota Tacoma with a 3-inch front suspension lift from 2005 to 2024. It takes 2 to 4 hours to set up without using special tools. The kit also has a unique anodized finish and a CNC crafted from a solid aviation billet to ensure excellent performance. Otherwise, to avoid tyre rubbing, you’ll need to align your tires every time you apply up your raise kit.


• To maintain factory handling, this leveling kit will keep your factory ride quality with minimal effect on your truck’s center of gravity.
• It will enhance the appearance of your truck and provide additional ground clearance, enabling you to install wider custom rims and off-road tyres.
• It includes 2 x 3″ aviation billet frontal strut spacers, 2 x 2″ aircraft billet rear lift blocks, and four extended zinc-plated U-bolts, as well as all necessary hardware.
• The kit comes with all of the essential installation hardware and instructions.

Buying Guide

When it refers to off-road trucks, Toyota Tacoma is a household name. Its popularity among the beautiful pickup vehicles hasn’t decreased since its release. However, raising your Tacoma to fit some new rocky terrain is just as enticing as buying one of these vehicles.

That is why it is crucial to choose the best Toyota Tacoma lift kit items. Before purchasing a Toyota Tacoma Lift Kit, consider the following factors:

Compatibility of Design

Several kits are compatible with a wide range of Tacoma models from 2005 to 2024, though in some cases from 2004 to 2019. However, it’s a good idea to double-check your kit to make sure it fits your truck. Another factor that many clients neglect is wheel-drive compatibility.

As a result, even if the year range is correct, the kit may only fit 2WD Tacomas while yours is 4WD. As a result, make sure to double-check this element as well.

Ease Of Installation

When it comes to installation, look for a kit that has the following features:

• Providing a step-by-step DIY tutorial.
• All of the necessary installation tools are included.
• Creating a method that does not require the use of expensive software
• A speedy completion time of at least 1 to 2 hours is required.
• A kit with all of these features guarantees that you get the best bargain possible at the time of installation.

Front Spacers and Lifting Blocks

If you’re using lifting blocks, be sure they’re constructed from high-quality raw materials. Make that they have a corrosion-resistant powder-coated surface.
Get front spacers with innovative designs that incorporate technological advancements to improve efficacy. You can also look for extra features like longer shocks.

Level of Preservation

Getting kits that retain your Tacoma’s factory settings is generally a good idea.

If a kit works in rhythm with factory settings without conflicting with OEM driving comfort, you’ll love the absolute driving control and steering precision of your Tacoma. Additionally, look for a kit that may be used off-road.

The Basic Ingredients

This is an essential part of any lifting equipment because it affects the longevity of your purchases. Aircraft-quality aluminum in the 6061-T6 grade is the best material for Toyota Tacoma lift kits. This will keep the kit lighter while improving its performance over steel kits.

On the other hand, billet aluminum kits aren’t far behind. That’s because billet aluminum kits are made from a single piece of metal, significantly increasing the item’s longevity. You can use fabricated structural steel, carbon steel, or spring steel kits as raw materials. This is because carbon steel and produced steel have a higher structural strength than regular steel.

Budget and Cost

Prices are the most critical criteria in determining which leveling kit you will purchase. Fortunately, the best leveling system for your Tacoma is available at a reasonable price. You’ll find a link to further information on the costs of the kits associated with each customer review, allowing you to choose the leveling kit that best fits your budget!

Product Compatibility

You can estimate the height or height gain by looking at the fit of your Tacoma lift kit. As a result, concentrate on your Tacoma’s fit, and you’ll be able to figure out what accessories you’ll need. A good fit for your car will impact your suspension, for example, by giving it more ground clearance and a more attractive appearance.

To Sum Up

Amongst the most exciting features of owning a Toyota is the ability to customize it. You’ve probably learned that your Tacoma lacks the clearance necessary to cross the terrain you’ve always wanted to see.

One of the reasons why a Tacoma lift kit could be one of the best changes you can make to your car is because a secure and dependable fit is crucial for its performance and safety. One must always follow the setup instructions of the lift kit they buy. When Tacoma receives a new lift kit, make sure you have a blast showing off the new ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is installing Lift Kits on my truck safe?

Lifting your truck higher than it has to be might be pretty risky. An accident can result in serious injury, particularly to the other party.

What’s the difference between a suspension lift kit and a body lift kit?

A suspension lift kit raises the entire vehicle and improves the distance between the floor and the truck’s base.

Is it true that a leveling kit has an impact on ride quality?

A leveling kit will not degrade your ride quality if installed correctly in most circumstances. If you’re wondering if a leveling kit may alter ride quality, the answer is yes if it’s fitted appropriately.

Several minor blunders may be made throughout the installation process. They may not appear to be a significant issue right now, but they could have an impact on the quality of your ride in the future.

Is a suspension increase kit necessary?

Upgrading your truck is a personal choice or a financial investment. Lifting any car will almost likely degrade vehicle performance and increase fuel consumption; the higher you go, the worse it gets.