If You Have a Blowout While Driving, You Should

if you damage an unattended vehicle you must

Have you ever experienced car trouble while driving? If not, then consider yourself lucky. However, it does not mean you should not take precautions because no matter how good of a driver you are, mishaps can hit you straight in the face before you even know it. Emergencies are inevitable while driving no matter how … Read more

11 Best Mechanic Socket Set In The Market 2021

best socket set for the money

Be it at home or the garage, the use of sockets is innumerable. The sockets carry out different kinds of home, vehicles, commercial, industrial, etc. fixation. It is a must to have the best mechanic socket set at any cost with you. Certain American automotive requires a different kind of sockets in it. At times, … Read more

How to Remove Water Spots From Car Windows

how to remove water stains from glass

Having water spots in your car can be quite an eyesore. This commonly happens when you let your car to air dry after washing it or having it parked under the rain. Minerals and dirt in the water remains after the water has evaporated. It becomes worse if the water contains something corrosive that could cause crater … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Ants In Car

Ever bitten by an ant when driving your car, or not by an ant, but by ants? Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of situation that car owners find themselves. Ants do strike anywhere, but cars are just simply assumed as one of the last places these tiny creatures want to colonize. Just why are ants … Read more

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack Review

Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack Review

When we talk about durability, strength and overall polish, the Arcan ALJ3T is at the top of the list because it is loaded with features. It is rated for 3 tons making it adequate in lifting cars, trucks and even SUV’s. Even with its high lifting capacity, this unit only weighs 56 pounds so it is easy … Read more

Torin T83006 Floor Jack Review

best floor jack for trucks

If you own an SUV and you choose to fix your own vehicle, the Torin T83006 is a great option to consider. This 3-ton service jack is designed and constructed to handle vehicles with large weights. The lifting capacity of this car is not only limited to SUV’s, it can also lift small cars as well. The … Read more

Useful Tips To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Car

how to get rid of fleas in your car

Would you get panic knowing that your car is infested with fleas? How come fleas could be in your car? Well, if you still wonder where on earth fleas appear in the car, there could be some possibilities you may think of. First, it could be from your pets that you bring in and drive … Read more

Powerzone 380044 Floor Jack Review

blackhawk floor jack reviews

One of the best selling floor jack in the market today is the Powerzone 380044 mainly because it is a high-quality device at a very affordable price. Despite that this unit is manufactured in China, this jack is excellently made using both aluminum and steel giving you portability and strength. The lifting arm made from … Read more